I’m going to share a harsh reality you need to know.

Ready? Here it comes.

It doesn’t matter how good you are in this business…

(Keep reading.)

UNLESS you can figure out a way to communicate your abilities to consumers effectively.

See where I’m coming from? You might be the most prepared, most diligent, best follow-through agent in the universe… but if you can’t communicate that in a compelling way, no one will ever know. You’ll be lumped in with all the others as “just another agent.”

So let’s fix that.

I’ve got four steps to set yourself apart from the competition and give you a better answer than “I sell real estate” when someone asks what you do for a living.

It’s time to create your unique selling proposition in four simple steps.


USP Creation Step 1: Brainstorm

Your unique selling proposition (or USP) is the thing that makes your service distinctive among all the competition out there.

Think when Domino’s pizza burst on the scene promising “fresh pizza, delivered to you in 30 minutes or it’s free.” They weren’t promising the best pizza, but they clearly carved their niche in the marketplace with that USP.

So the first step in creating your USP is brainstorming and making a list of all the things you do that are unique, special or different when serving your clients.

Be sure to answer these questions as part of this exercise:

  • What’s the client looking for?
  • What are they struggling with?
  • How do you solve it in a unique way? Or what could you do to make it unique?
  • How does your service better serve your client?
  • Is there something you provide – technology, team approach, techniques you use, marketing tactics, etc. – that makes you unique?


USP Creation Step 2: Don’t Try to Please Everyone

There are millions of transactions conducted annually.

Warning: Do NOT try to create a USP that serves them all.

Instead, focus on defining the 25, 50, 100, 500 transactions you (or you and your team) excel in.

Never forget: When you try to be something for everyone, you end up being for no one.

Narrow your focus to broaden your appeal.



USP Creation Step 3: Simplify Your Communication Pattern

When speaking to a client or a prospect, you need to be able to communicate your USP simply.

Like this:

“Well you know how [set up the problem your USP solves]? What we do is [your unique solution here]. Is that something you’d like to hear more about?”

Try it. It’ll work!


USP Creation Step 4: Show (Don’t Tell) How You Solve the Problem

You can make promises to clients all day long, but telling people your plans will never be as effective as “showing” them what kind of results you create.

So always be sure to “show, don’t tell” whenever possible in discussing what you’ll do for people.

Instead of telling homeowners about how you’ll hold a Mega Open House, invite them to your next one!

Or if you can’t do that, show them the tangible results you’ve generated from previous Mega Open Houses you’ve held… “We set this up after two weeks on the market. We marketed it, got the word out throughout the neighborhood, 85 potential buyers toured the property, we received four offers and accepted at 3% over asking price,” etc.


What’s Your Next Step?

I’ve given you four simple steps to create and implement your USP.

Now it’s up to you.

Will you let yourself get stuck in a sea of sameness?

Or will you take the time to dig in and create your USP?

The next time somebody asks what you do, and you don’t have anything better to say than, “I sell real estate,” you’ll kick yourself for not investing the time and energy to differentiate yourself from the pack.

Get started now!


I’d love if you shared your USP in the comments below! Let me know what problem you solve in a unique way!