3 Advanced Marketing Tactics for More ‘Come List Me’ Calls – #TomFerryShow

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There are few things better than getting a “Come list me” call completely out of the blue.

But a lot has to fall in place before that happens…

People have to recognize you and know a little bit about you.

They need to trust you.

They need to see and know your track record.

They need to believe that you’re their best choice in a highly competitive field.

So in today’s #TomFerryShow, I’m giving you some advanced marketing tactics that make that journey from “Who are you?” to “Come list me” a little shorter.

If you didn’t catch it, I did use the word “advanced” in that last sentence. These might not be for everyone, but if your marketing is already running smoothly and you’re looking for a way to level up, these three tactics just might be the answers you’ve been looking for.

Let’s begin!


Advanced Marketing Tactic No. 1: SMS Campaigns

Ninety percent. You know what it takes for 90 percent of people to agree on something?

Something overwhelmingly attractive.

But here’s what they said… 90 percent of people would rather get marketing messages via text than getting a phone call.

(NOTE: This is NOT me letting you off the hook for making phone calls. Make your calls!)

Which begs the question… are you utilizing text messaging as part of your marketing mix? 

Here are five SMS campaigns you can use:

  • Automated nurture campaign – To keep in touch with past clients and sphere
  • “Best-fit” leads or ordinary buyer leads – Text new properties that hit the market to potential buyers
  • Video text – Send a home, send a market update, or send the question, “Have you had any thoughts of selling?”
  • Leverage your Vcard – Sending a Vcard to people increases the likelihood of your text leading to an eventual phone call so both the device and the recipient know who you are, and you don’t get blocked
  • Segmentation – Don’t send everyone a “one size fits all” message. Divide your database into different categories such as past clients from X years ago to be able to provide specific and relevant information directly to those people


BluePrint Event


Advanced Marketing Tactic No. 2: Video Testimonials

For years now I’ve been stressing the importance of amassing reviews on the various platforms – Google, Zillow, Realtor.com.

So hopefully you’ve already accomplished that and are ready to take it to the next level.

The next iteration is to obtain video testimonials from your clients at the end of every transaction that can be presented in full, or cut up into micro content you can share over and over again.

My advice is to try to get a cross-section of buyers and sellers and people from all different perspectives so you can put out a wide array of video content that speaks to your areas of expertise and wide-ranging capabilities.

Get people loose, get them talking and start building a library of these powerful video testimonials!

Like I said in the video, the reason you see so many testimonials in infomercials is because they work! People use the words of others to validate their buying decisions, so the more people out there you have singing your praises, the better off you’ll be.

By the way, here’s the Ken Kerry episode I mentioned in the show.


Advanced Marketing Tactic No. 3: Google Ads

If you’re an experienced marketer, chances are you’ve at least dabbled in – if not gone all-in on – Facebook ad campaigns.

But if you really want to create that “I see you EVERYWHERE” phenomenon, it’s time to do the same thing with Google Ads.

The Google Ads Manager will allow you to upload your entire database via a CSV file and start running low-cost ads to make sure you’re always top of mind.


Let me know which of these tactics you’ll implement in the comments below!




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