Activating Your 2021 Goals with Disciplined Daily Behaviors – #TomFerryShow

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If you missed Part 1 of this two-part #TomFerryShow, check it out here.

Here in Part 2, I want to help you activate your motivation and align your behaviors with your goals.

Let’s jump right in…


Lighting the Fire Within

I’d encourage you to start by taking stock of the 8 Equities of Life. I’ve made it easy by giving you this wheel chart. Download your copy, print it out, and fill in the wheel according to how you’re doing in each category. Be sure to write any notes or a little description of each in the area on the right.

This exercise will force you to stop and think about the various areas of your life… where you’re excelling, where you’re falling short, and what’s important to you.

If it creates some pain for you… good! Use that pain to get yourself into action.


BluePrint Event


Next, Answer These Two Questions…

Now I want you to dream a little.

Write out your answer to complete this sentence: “If my life was as good as it could possibly be in 2021, I would…”

Doing this will energize you for what’s possible in the year ahead.

Then take it further… We tend to overestimate what we can accomplish in a year, but underestimate what we can accomplish in 5 or 10 years.

So look five years down the road and set some goals for where you want to be.


Two More Tasks Before We Get to the Big One

The next step in this process – and it’s an important one – is to write down 20 reasons why your goals are an absolute MUST for you. Don’t stop at eight or 13 or 19… force yourself to find all 20.

By doing so, you’ll need to dig deep within yourself, and the answers you find will provide tons of motivation.

Because we’ll often do more for others than we will for ourselves, I also want you to think about and write down WHO you’ll achieve these goals for. Whose lives will benefit when you complete these goals? What would it mean to those people if you fall short? Think about it!


Your Daily Number: How You Put It All into Action

Now that you’ve set your goals and found your motivation, it’s time to make it happen!

How will you do that?

By identifying your DAILY NUMBER!

Remember, real estate is a contact sport… You’ve gotta talk to a lot of people to achieve your goals.

Having worked with agents for 30+ years, I’ve learned a good number you can rely on… For every 50 conversations you have with people, you’ll create one closed transaction.

So now you need to apply that number to your goals…

Multiply however many transactions you plan to achieve in 2021 by 50. I’ve used the example of 24 closings, so 24 x 50 = 1200.

Then, divide that number not by 12 months, but 10 months for some added urgency and to give yourself time for vacations, etc. So 1200 divided by 10 = 120.  That’s how many conversations you need every month to achieve your goal. But don’t stop there…

With five days a week and approximately four weeks per month, you’ve got 20 working days every month. So divide that 120 by 20, and you’ll find your daily number – 6 conversations!


Being Afraid of the Phone is Not in Your Favor

So when you break it down to your daily number, it’s not quite as daunting.

They shouldn’t all be cold call conversations, either… Split your number to do half to new prospects, and the other half to people in your database.

The real key here is the unrelenting discipline of making enough calls every day to reach your daily number.

The way to do that is to build your schedule around those call sessions (I like to call them your Hour of Power) and schedule it in your calendar every day from 9-11 AM and 4-6 PM. Here’s the good part… you only need to actually do five of those 10 scheduled sessions, but schedule them all so you always have that time reserved in your day.

For extra accountability, make sure you get an appointment setting scoreboard “up and visual” for all to see where you can track and measure your results. The more awareness you bring to where you stand, the more successful you’re going to be.


Now It’s Up to You

You’ve established highly specific goals.

You’ve tapped into your inner motivation.

You’ve figured out exactly what it will take to make it happen…

Now it’s up to you to go create your #BestYearEver in 2021!

You got this!

(And if you ever feel like you don’t, we’re here for you.)




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