Every action you take in Q4 is compounded… not only does it impact how you finish this year, but also how you start the following year.

That’s why I’m putting a lot of emphasis on what you should be doing now – to finish 2020 strong and set yourself up for greatness in 2021.

Today I’ve got four more actions I strongly encourage you to take… the first one you should do now, and the other three should go on your Q4 “To Do” list.

Ready for ‘em?

Q4 To-Do List Item 1: ‘Double Down’ for More Listings

If you really want to finish strong and set yourself up for a powerful early 2021, it’s time to double down on what’s working for you now.

Take a step back, analyze where the bulk of your listings are coming from, and increase those tactics for the rest of 2020.

Also ask yourself:

  • How can I do this better?
  • How much can I increase my frequency?
  • How can I be more consistent with it?

Q4 To-Do List Item 2: Get More Online Reviews (A Lot More!)

I firmly believe that most agents are seriously lacking when it comes to online reviews.

Think about all the hard work and devotion you bring to your clients… and then compare that to the number of reviews you have on the important platforms.

You deserve better, right?

It’s not going to happen just by wishing for it, though.

You’ve got to make it happen. And I challenge you to make it a priority in Q4.

How? You’ve gotta ask for the reviews. Email everyone in your database with that specific “ask.” Something like:

“Thanks so much for being part of my community. If you haven’t taken the time to write a review on your experience working with me, would you take 5 minutes to do so?”

Make it easy by providing a link to the specific page where you need reviews and want them to review you – primarily Facebook, Google, or Zillow (or Yelp if you’re into that).

Don’t doubt the importance of this task! We are living in the “review economy” and it’s critical that you have current, positive reviews singing your praises when consumers conduct their research.