Want to know a market segment you should be pursuing for new listings, but probably aren’t?


That wasn’t an over-dramatic, Darth Vader “no.” It was actually my answer to the question.

Non-owner-occupieds account for 16 percent of all properties in the U.S.

Yet many agents never think about them at all.

With extremely low inventory and listings at a premium, it might be time for you to get outside your comfort zone and go after these investor owners.

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There Are Few Listings Inside Your Comfort Zone

In many markets today, there’s an extreme shortage of properties on the market.

This inventory shortfall requires you to shake things up, get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Are you willing to try?

Or are you going to keep saying, “That’s not how I do things” while struggling with no listings?

I’d encourage to you start seeking out and accepting that “uncomfortable” feeling, because that’s where the growth happens.

By looking in your MLS or working with a title rep, you should be able to identify what homes in your marketplace are non-owner-occupied.

If I were you, I’d export that data into a separate list inside your database so you can market to them directly.