Getting “Google Ready” Tip No. 1: Control the First Impression

You need to buy Google keywords of your name so you can control the first impression and send these prospective clients exactly where you want to send them.

Maybe it’s a landing page specifically built to introduce people to your unique way of doing business.

Maybe it’s just the home page of your website, or your “About Me” page.

Whatever the case, make sure you own those keywords so you can control the narrative… right from the start!


Getting “Google Ready” Tip No. 2: Over-Index on “Google My Business”

You’ve probably searched for a business before, and alongside the results a box pops up with all sorts of pertinent information about their hours of operation, their phone number, website, reviews, etc.


That’s all controlled through “Google My Business,” and it’s something you should be paying attention to!

This is a great opportunity to add all of your information AND ALSO add photos of yourself, your team, and recent “Just Sold” properties.

PRO TIP: Create a standard for formatting your name, address, phone and domains so it’s easy for Google to recognize you’re the same person wherever they see that same information.