10 Rules to Strengthen Your Social Media Presence – #TomFerryShow

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Whether you’re a social media power user or doing your best by dabbling, guessing and hoping, today’s #TomFerryShow is sure to up your game.

I asked my own Social Media Manager Courtney Gracia to join me, and she brought the heat with 10 rules to strengthen your presence. She’s sharing some of her best hacks, secrets and tools to help you attract more business and increase effectiveness of your posts!

Let’s dive right in!


Social Media Rule No. 1: Use Alt Text

Adding “alt text” to your Instagram photos allows you to add an invisible benefit to your posts. You can add keywords that match the property, your expertise, your market or whatever message you want to convey.

Why do this?

Because it will be read by search engines and your posts may show up in search results.

So define what keywords and/or phrases you want to be known for, and add that in the background of all your posts!


Social Media Rule No. 2: Take Advantage of Scheduling Tools

One of the biggest barriers to effective social media is remembering to post regularly and/or at the right times. With everything you have going on in your busy schedule, it’s easy to forget to post at pre-determined times throughout the day.

Courtney uses Sprout Social to help solve this. You can pre-schedule posts so they post whenever you want them to, and you can set it and forget it.

These tools can also help you research the best times to post and make better decisions about your audience. Which brings us to…


Social Media Rule No. 3: Post at the Right Time

The main objective you want to achieve with your social media is engagement with your audience. Not only does better engagement prioritize your posts higher than others, but it leads to the business you want.

So it’s important to post when you know you can reach the most eyeballs possible.

Tools like Sprout Social will help you figure this out for each social media platform.

Make sure you’re creating your social media schedule when you have the best chance to reach your desired audience!


Social Media Rule No. 4: Don’t Overlook Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories might not stick around forever like posts in your feed do, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have value.

For one thing, Instagram’s algorithm counts them the same as it does a post to your feed, so posting Stories will help prioritize all of your content.

Also, the “Highlights” feature allows you to create different content categories that give people insight into who you are.

Courtney advises creating separate Highlights for Tips, your Bio, your Team, Local Info, Testimonials and more!


BluePrint Event


Social Media Rule No. 5: YouTube Captions

We know many social media videos are played with the sound off, but did you know that YouTube will automatically generate captions for your videos?

Well, it will, as long as you enable it to do so!

Whenever you post a video, make sure to allow captions so viewers can turn them on with the click of a button.


Social Media Rule No. 6: Take Advantage of UGC

Not every aspect of your social media needs to have a professional sheen.

In fact, sharing other users’ posts that relate to you is a great way to forge deeper connections with those users and demonstrate your value to the public.

It’s called UGC, or User Generated Content, and you should take advantage of it whenever possible.

Hot tip: Ask for permission if you feel your client may be more private.


Social Media Rule No. 7: Pay to Play

If you have an important message you really want to get in front of people, put money behind it.

Doing so puts your brand on steroids.

You will need to have a business page to do this, but you should have that anyway.


Social Media Rule No. 8: Remember the “Social” Part

Posting on social comes along with some responsibilities… Namely to return later and engage with anyone who commented or shared your post.

The more you engage on social media, the better everything becomes…

The algorithms love it and will prioritize your posts…

People love it…

And let’s face it… Not responding is kind of rude. You wouldn’t ignore someone who said something to you in person, so don’t do it on social.

You’re in the relationship management business, so make sure to carve out time to ENGAGE!


Social Media Rule No. 9: Always Have a CTA

When we say every post should have a call to action, it doesn’t mean you need to constantly be selling.

All it means is be sure to give your followers something to do to encourage engagement with the post. Something like:

Tag a friend who needs to see this.

Like below if you agree.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Do this enough, and Courtney says you’ll likely see patterns emerge that will help you identify what content resonates loudest with your audience. In turn, you can then create additional content on that same topic.


Social Media Rule No. 10: Go LIVE!

Think about a sporting event or an awards show on TV… when you’re watching live, there’s a certain energy that just can’t be matched when you’re watching later.

The same is true for live video on social.

On average, live video has twice the engagement of ordinary posts, so be sure to hit that red button and go live on a regular basis!


Which of these are you already doing? Which do you need to start? Let me know your answers – along with any of your own tips – in the comments below!




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