Social Media Rule No. 1: Use Alt Text

Adding “alt text” to your Instagram photos allows you to add an invisible benefit to your posts. You can add keywords that match the property, your expertise, your market or whatever message you want to convey.

Why do this?

Because it will be read by search engines and your posts may show up in search results.

So define what keywords and/or phrases you want to be known for, and add that in the background of all your posts!


Social Media Rule No. 2: Take Advantage of Scheduling Tools

One of the biggest barriers to effective social media is remembering to post regularly and/or at the right times. With everything you have going on in your busy schedule, it’s easy to forget to post at pre-determined times throughout the day.

Courtney uses Sprout Social to help solve this. You can pre-schedule posts so they post whenever you want them to, and you can set it and forget it.

These tools can also help you research the best times to post and make better decisions about your audience. Which brings us to…