Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You’re so-called “busy” all day…

Replying to emails.

Returning calls.

Playing phone tag with an appraiser.

And suddenly, it’s early evening and you say to yourself:

“I didn’t get any of the things I needed to do done today.”

Let’s fix that.

Busy and Productive Are Not the Same Thing

Yes, those tasks that ate up your day were all things that needed to be done.

But just being blunt… the way you prioritized them is detrimental to your business, long-term.

The key to success is identifying and prioritizing the 4-7 daily disciplines that truly move the needle for your business.

And then making those your priority every day!

If you’re letting the “urgent” tasks override the “important” tasks in your business, you’re never going to get ahead.

What’s the difference?

Important tasks are those big-picture activities that create growth in your business.

Urgent tasks are those that move a particular transaction forward.

The solution? Prioritizing and time blocking. Keep reading…



What Moves the Needle for You?

The specifics of identifying what moves the needle may vary for every person reading this, but from a big picture perspective, I think it breaks down into four categories:

  • Marketing & appointment setting – Without this, there’s no business coming your way
  • Nurturing & follow up – It’s the biggest complaint about real estate professionals… “I never heard back from them.” You need to make nurturing a daily discipline to move people from prospects to clients.
  • Going on appointments & converting – How many appointments would I see in your calendar over the next two weeks?
  • Servicing & closing transactions – You’ve gotta do the work and keep people moving through the process.

So let me ask you… Are those four activities ingrained in your daily routine?

If you said yes, congratulations! If you said no, you’re likely letting the “urgent” part of your business get in the way of what’s truly “important” to your long-term success.

Let’s talk about how to fix it…