Does your financial picture live up to the #NDBSTPCF standard?

Oh, what… You’re not sure because you don’t know what it stands for?

Okay, I’ve kept you wondering long enough…

Here’s what it means:

  • No Debt
  • Big Savings
  • Taxes Paid
  • Cash Flow

Sounds like a pretty amazing financial future, right?

I want to you to get there, and I’ve got four steps that will help you do just that.

But before we get to those tactics, there’s one thing to do first…

Figure Out Why This is a Must

The only way you’re going to make the sacrifices needed to achieve #NDBSTPCF is if you get really serious about why it’s a non-negotiable “must” for you.

You can’t pursue this halfheartedly.

You’re either all-in or don’t bother.

So here’s what I suggest you do…

Create a list of 20 reasons why this is so important to you.

Not five. Not 10. Twenty!

Why 20? Because it takes that many to get past the superficial, cliché reasons and actually dig deep to find the real motivation inside you.

Now let’s move on to step one…


#NDBSTPCF Step 1: Debt Analysis

I want to make this clear: When I say debt, I’m not talking about your mortgage and other real estate “smart” debt.

I’m talking about dumb debt like 19% interest rate credit cards that feel like a constant burden on your back.

Schedule some time to take stock and create awareness around all your credit cards and high-interest loans, etc.

The ideal next step would then be to consolidate all of that debt into a better rate, and then set your intentions to eliminate it. Consolidation may not be possible for all, however. In which case…

The alternative to debt consolidation is prioritizing your cards by worst rate to best and start paying them off in that order. Make sure you put these figures “up and visual” somewhere you’ll see them and think about them on a daily basis.

When my wife, Kathy, and I did this many years ago, we had it all written on our bathroom mirror. Every day was an unavoidable reminder of our goal, and sure enough it provided a consistent focus for us and we paid them all off!