Hey there! The videos are down here this week!

With businesses opening back up and people getting out and about, it’s serious “go time” for your business.

That’s why last week, I asked for permission to act as your coach and challenged you to four assignments I advise right now. If you didn’t catch that show, the quick version is as follows:

  1. Decide what you want and why
  2. Remove any resistance in your path
  3. Re-do your listing presentation
  4. Identify the daily disciplines that will move the needle

Simple enough, right?

If last week’s show gave you the framework, today I’m diving into the explicit instructions.

And just because I feel like it, I’m starting with No. 3!

I’ll cover the rest of these points in upcoming episodes of the #TomFerryShow throughout June, so stay tuned!

Our Best Tips – All in One Place

I often advise my coaching clients against reinventing the wheel, so I’m sticking to my own advice for today’s “show.”

Here’s the deal: I’ve already covered this stuff multiple times, so instead of re-shooting it as a new episode, I want to share some of these time-tested tactics with a few “best of” videos you should revisit if your listing presentation is in need of an overhaul.

First up, this gem from wayback in the #TomFerryShow archives. Click the image to open:

Next, let’s get some real-world advice from three Rockstar agents shared on stage at Success Summit. Gary Gold, Jacquie Othen and Alan Shafran divulge their secrets to success in this illuminating video:

If you’d like to see the full, 43-minute version of this Summit session, click here.

And finally, to make sure you’re picking up the phone and getting those appointments in the first place, here’s a much-needed video on 3 easy tips to conquer your fear of the phone: