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There’s a lot of encouraging signs in the marketplace right now…

…ShowingTime.com data shows it

…The MLS shows it

…Google Trends and all the big home sale portals are reporting strong numbers

…Interest rates are attractive

It’s a perfect storm that all adds up to one conclusion – It’s “go time,” and you have an incredible opportunity to achieve all of your 2020 goals between now and November 1.

Here’s the catch, though… You can’t just act like everything is normal and return to your typical routine.

No, special times require special approaches. I’ve got four assignments for you to absolutely dominate over the next five months.

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Assignment No. 1: Decide What You Really, Really Want and Why

It all starts with deciding what you want to achieve in the next five months.

Remember: Vague objectives do not get rewarded.

You need to develop really clear, specific, measurable and trackable goals. Then make sure they are up and visual.

To take it even further, inject emotion to create that fire in your belly!

Pain is two-and-a-half times more of a motivator than pleasure… So what if you wrote a high-dollar check to a politician you would NEVER want that money to go to, and authorize your coach or someone to mail it if you don’t follow through.

Add that leverage, and you’ll launch yourself into massive action.


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Assignment No. 2: Get Permission to Perform

Ever feel like there’s just something holding you back from giving your all?

It’s time to eliminate the friction that’s stopping you.

You need to remove any resistance in your path and go.

Remember, DONE is better than perfect.

So here’s the question to ask yourself: What is the resistance that’s stopping me from putting in the time, energy, focus and the results I want to produce?

Take everything into account, including your family situation, clearly defined roles with your spouse or significant other, your working environment, and more. Address the resistance and make sure you’re all on the same page so you have a clear, unobstructed path forward.

It’s time to stop blaming resources and start getting resourceful.


Assignment No. 3: Re-Do Your Listing Presentation

I can think of seven elements of your listing presentation that likely need refining, if not a total overhaul. I strongly recommend you take a look at:

  • Your pre-listing package
  • How you qualify clients and pre-sell yourself (Are you using CrystalKnows?)
  • How you start
  • How you present your marketing that BLOWS PEOPLE AWAY and increases your VALUE!
  • How you educate homeowners on price
  • How you transition to show them what happens next
  • Handling questions/concerns/conditions/objections – and getting the signature!

Stay tuned throughout June as I’ll break down the ideal listing presentation on the #TomFerryShow!


Assignment No. 4: Identify the 4-7 Daily Disciplines That Move the Needle

You need strict focus if you plan to slay it over the next five months.

You can’t wake up and decide what to do every day.

You need a plan based on things that you KNOW move the needle.

And more than that, you need to figure out how you’ll track them.

Here’s what I would recommend you adopt as daily disciplines to create massive results:

Morning routine – Start every day on a positive note and filled with confidence.

Data download – Look at what’s happening in the market every day! (Also builds confidence).

Role play/practice! – You need to be extra sharp when talking with prospects and clients right now. Never practice on your clients. Make role playing a daily discipline to flex that muscle.

Appointment setting time – You know the drill… Block out 9-11 AM and 4-6 PM on your calendar every day, and then make sure you stick to AT LEAST FIVE of those 10 scheduled sessions every week.

Goal number of appointments daily – You need a target you’re aiming for when you start dialing the phone every day. That number becomes your intent. Without it, you’re just hoping for results. Make sure to establish your goal!

Listing launches/marketing – How can you create listing launches so powerful that they virtually guarantee a quick sale?

Client services – Ensuring a sterling customer experience with each and every client will go a long way toward creating the results you desire over the next five months.


Now, What If…

So those are your four assignments I’d recommend as your coach.

And from you, here’s what I ask.

What if, for the next six months… you stopped doubting yourself and started doubting your limitations?

It’s time to have faith in yourself.

The market is the market.

It’s up to you to decide… Are you going to be a victim of it or be victorious?

Get to work!


Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Are you all in for June 1-October 31?



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