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It had been a while since I did a Q&A episode of the #TomFerryShow, and with everything going on, now’s the perfect time to provide some insight directly to you, the viewer.

So I reached out via text (Have you texted me yet? 949-216-5466) asking for questions, and I got a lot of really great responses.

I especially love the raw, real questions I’ve been getting as a result of the times we’re living in.

I’ve chosen five to answer in the video above, while I’ll recap a few of them here in the blog.

Let’s jump in!


Question: What Videos Are Working Now & What Should I Do More Of?

The key here is starting with your desired outcome and working backwards to achieve that goal.

My advice is to do everything possible to establish yourself as the definitive “knowledge broker” for your market, so people feel absolutely no need to seek information elsewhere.

That starts with delivering regular market updates on video.

Choose a format and stick with it… Use data from the MLS like average days on market, data from ShowingTime.com, data from Google Trends, etc.

Be the educator, and make sure you create and deliver those videos consistently so people can count on receiving it at the same time(s) every week/month.

Another great idea for right now is a case study or “social proof” video that describes the challenges you were facing with a particular client, and the specifics of how you overcame those challenges while following all of your established safety guidelines, etc. The more detail you provide, the better!

Beyond that, I’d recommend you create relevant, current videos about local businesses that are reopening and recommendations for fun, local things to do.


Question: Why Buy Now Instead of Waiting Until More Homes Come on the Market?

This a very reasonable question for any buyer in today’s marketplace.

And your answer should acknowledge that, so I recommend you start with the following:

“I hear what you’re saying, and there’s absolutely merit to it. Question: If there was an advantage to you moving forward, would you be open to it?”

Then you can follow up with this:

“If we did find the perfect home for you, would you be willing to look at it?”

The most likely reason someone wouldn’t want to move forward now is because they fear they’ll be “missing out” on something more attractive down the road. So I’d use these three questions to help move them from a state of fear to potentially moving forward:

  1. If we did move forward, what’s worst case scenario?
  2. What’s most likely scenario?
  3. What’s the best-case scenario?

This way, you’re helping them reach the conclusion on their own. The best sale happens in their mind.


Question: With Schools Closed, What’s Your Advice on Having Kids with You on Showings and Listings?

Resourcefulness is the keyword here, my friend.

The good news is we’re all in this situation together, so people are more willing to understand your predicament.

But that doesn’t mean you should just drag the kids along with no purpose in mind.

I recommend you turn it into a project and give the kids an age-appropriate role to play. I think involving them will make everything easier on all involved – your kids will be excited and energized by getting to do something new, you’ll be relieved that they’re involved and being looked after, and your clients and prospects will respect your ingenuity to turn lemons into lemonade.

As you might know, I’ve tried to involve my own two boys in the family business since day one. If you’ve ever been to Summit, you’ve probably seen them on stage raising money for our charitable causes. I’m so glad they’ve been a part of that experience, and they are too!


So that’s my take on three outstanding questions from viewers like you. Be sure to watch the entire video for additional answers on what to do with a database in need of clean-up and my advice on the best way to connect with prospective clients in today’s new virtual world.


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