Look, I’m gonna try to make this really simple.

Whatever you focus on is what you get more of.

So if you focus on drama, you get more drama.

If you focus on making calls, you make more calls… but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are productive calls.

If you focus on leads, you get leads. (But don’t kid yourself… there’s no shortage of leads available these days. You can buy thousands in an instant if you really just want leads.)

What your business needs is one thing: Appointments.

Appointments are the number one indicator of a healthy real estate business – during times of crisis or not.

And NOW is most definitely the time you should be singularly focused on booking appointments.

Answer THIS Question to Regain Your Mojo

It’s understandable if you feel out of practice or a little bit unsure of yourself after everything we’ve been through in the last month or two.

So I want to help you regain your confidence and some swagger.

To do so, answer this question as thoroughly as you can:

Why is selling with me at this time the right move?

When you list out the reasons why you are the consumer’s best choice, you’ll quickly regain the confidence you need to pick up the phone and book those appointments.