I strongly believe two types of agents will exist at the end of this crisis.

Those who have stuck their heads in the sand and will need to scramble to try to get up to speed…

And those who have set themselves up for success and are ready to crush it as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Pretty obvious which one you want to be, right?

Imagine a whole stable of well-informed buyers and sellers who are ready to begin the process as soon as the “all clear” signal is sent out…

It’s possible… as long as you’re doing the right things now.

Can I show you how to get there?

Be the Leader Your Community Needs

When all this disruption began, you probably had some decent leads in your pipeline… people conducting early research while planning for a spring or summer move.

Even if you didn’t – if these people hadn’t signaled their intent to you yet, they were out there for sure… agreed?

So now, their plans on are likely on hold. And that’s fine.

But it doesn’t mean you should sit around twiddling your thumbs until they’re ready.

No, my friend… You have work to do. Now.

You see, left to their own devices, people are going to feel uncertain coming out of this. They might have cold feet. They’re going to second-guess their original intentions.

They need you to be step up and be the voice of reason guiding them through this chaos.

Are you up to that leadership role?

Here’s how…



My Challenge to You

Remember, one of the five “smart actions” I covered two weeks ago was the need to over-communicate right now.

The strategy I’m sharing with you today falls under that umbrella.

It starts with making a call to those people who were in your pipeline. Check in on them and remind them of their plans you had talked about originally.

Assuming nothing catastrophic has happened with them, the next step is to offer to set up a 15- to 30-minute video conference call with them so you can inform them about market conditions and best prepare them for the opportunities available when things return to normal. It can be over Zoom, Facetime, Google Hangouts, Skype, whatever. Just make sure it’s video so you have that human component.

Once you’ve contacted all those leads, then keep going with your past clients, sphere and even members of your database.

I’m challenging you to set a MINIMUM of seven of those 15- to 30-minute sessions every week.

Keep reading to find out what to say.