3 Rules I’m Living By Right Now – #TomFerryShow

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Times like these require a reset.

For me, I’ve boiled things down to three new rules that are guiding my every move.

You may have seen me share this on Insta or Facebook, but I wanted to use today’s #TomFerryShow to dig deeper and really explain how these three rules can dictate what’s really important for you and your business in these extraordinary times.

Let’s get started…


New Rule No. 1: Safety First

Safety can be separated into three categories for me.

First and foremost, the human race battling a highly contagious virus means there’s more at stake than stalled listings and reluctant consumers.

So we all should be focused on is the safety of ourselves, our clients and our communities.

Even if real estate is deemed essential business, that doesn’t allow you to conduct “business as usual.” Please follow the guidelines and orders from your broker, your association, your city or town, your county, state or country. Be safe and be smart.

The second part of safety is keeping yourself healthy by taking your MEDS: Meditation, Exercise, Diet and Sleep.

If you’re not well… if you’re not strong, you can’t step up to the be the leader your community needs right now.

The third component of safety is making sure your finances are in order, both for yourself and for your community at large – think of those small business owners in your community who you can help by speaking with your banker and providing the right information people need now. Take the initiative and provide that leadership!


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New Rule No. 2: Keep Your Business Moving Forward

What’s your plan for the next 30 days?

It’s certainly not the same plan you made back in Q4 2019 or January of this year… you can throw that one out.

But that doesn’t excuse you from operating from a plan.

You just need a new one.

What are you going to do when it comes to…

  • How many calls will you make? (With the right tone and message, obviously.)
  • What marketing are you going to do?
  • What emails will you send out?
  • What videos will you shoot to educate and inform people in your database and social channels?
  • What negotiation skills will you develop to navigate this extremely tricky market?

Ultimately, keeping your business moving forward is the result of two things – being resourceful and being willing to adapt.

Right now is not the time to give up or blame a lack of resources. It’s time to be resourceful and do whatever it takes legally, ethically and morally to get deals done.

So ask yourself… Are you adapting with the times or resisting them? The more you can pick up your phone and record a video or go live on social to be that voice of reason for your clients and community, the better you’re able to keep moving your business forward.


New Rule No. 3: Load the Cannon

Even if it feels like your market is at a total standstill, you can still be filling your pipeline for when things return to normal.

Now is not the time to hide. It’s time to step up and educate people. If you don’t know where to start, use the statistics Keeping Current Matters has been publishing so you can educate and inform people with real facts and data and steer them away from false rumors and baseless prognostications.

Do the little things that can make this a “better moment” for people, and in the process, you’ll build your brand and make people see you as the valuable resource in your area.

You should also be nurturing your existing leads non-stop.

Call and check in on people (first and foremost) and then – if appropriate – feel free to use this script:

“What I’m doing now with all my best clients is scheduling 30- to 45-minute sessions inside Zoom to give you behind-the-scenes access to what’s happening in the marketplace. There’s a lot of confusion about what’s happening with housing and home prices, and I just want to reveal the facts, so you and your family are educated. What’s best for you, Tuesday at 3:00 or Thursday at 10:00?”

Remember this: Leadership is what’s needed right now. Leaders see things as they are and communicate it to others. By booking these appointments, you’ll be leading people forward. Some of them might want to pause and others will be prepared to keep the process moving safely. It’s your role to step up and provide that leadership and support whatever decisions they make.



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