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Engagement is the name of the game in today’s social media world, and if you’re not optimizing your posts, there’s a good chance you’re not creating much engagement.

So that’s what we’re helping you do in this two-part series on the #TomFerryShow.

If you missed last week’s show, make sure to go back and watch it to catch Jason’s first 10 tips.

And then devour another 10 in Part 2 today!

Let’s get started!


Social Media Optimization Tactic No. 11: Titles & Headlines

YouTube is always trying to keep people watching by delivering videos to people based on what they think the viewer will like.

How do they make that determination? Largely from the video title, which they turn into keywords to fulfill search results and recommendations.

YouTube reads from left to right in terms of priority, so be sure to put the topic of your content right up front in your title.

Pro tip: Try to keep your title 50 characters or fewer!


Social Media Optimization Tactic No. 12: Timing Your Post

One of the most-asked questions about posting on social media is WHEN to post in order to reach the most people.

Well, it actually depends on which platform you’re talking about.

For Facebook and Instagram, keep this in mind: Any post basically has a 24-hour shelf life, and then people are going to move on.

These platforms are looking for a “gasoline on fire” type post that immediately garner comments, likes, shares, etc.

If you have an Instagram business profile or creator profile, look in your “Insights” inside the menu to view your audience’s behavior.

Make sure to use this information strategically! For instance, save your best content for when your audience is the most dialed in. Otherwise you’re wasting that opportunity!

Facebook’s Analytics and Insights will deliver similar data, telling you when people are most active.

Now… If this all sounds like too much work to remember when to post at optimal times for each platform, you might want to look into a scheduling software like Hootsuite, Later, Planoly, Sprout Social, etc.


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Social Media Optimization Tactic No. 13: Stickers & Interactive Components

Ok, so if you haven’t picked up on it yet, what Instagram and Facebook want these days are conversations. They want people to see your post, engage with it, and then for you to continue that conversation.

The more you can achieve this ideal, the more effective your social media efforts will become.

And one great way to keep that fire burning between posts in your feed is to do the same thing using Instagram Stories. And more specifically, interactive stories are huge right now.

These stickers and interactive components make it easy for people to engage by voting in a poll, answer a quiz, ask questions and more!

Make sure you’re capitalizing on these opportunities.


Social Media Optimization Tactic No. 14: Cards & End Screens

This one’s just for YouTube…

You’ve surely seen them before, but you might not have ever given them a second thought.

It’s basically when YouTube serves you up a related video while you’re watching a video or at the end of a video. The first one is known as a “card” and the ones at the end, naturally, are known as “end screens.”

This allows you to insert suggested videos at opportune times (say you have a video on a related topic, for instance) and keep people watching your content longer!

This is what you want, and it’s what YouTube wants, so use this feature!


Social Media Optimization Tactic No. 15: Comment Replies

As a salesperson, you like when other people initiate a conversation with you, right?

That’s one fewer instance where YOU have to do the work.

You wouldn’t know it from looking at social media, however.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make – and yes, people make this mistake constantly – is failing to reply when someone comments on one of your posts.

Not only is it rude from a societal perspective, but it’s failing to capitalize on an opportunity to expose your post to more people. Remember – those conversations are exactly what Facebook and Instagram are looking for, and posts with lots of engagement will be shown to more people.

So make sure you’re replying anytime someone comments on your post!


Social Media Optimization Tactic No. 16: Tags

I’m not talking about hashtags here, but regular old tags that you’re able to input on the back-end of Facebook and YouTube posts.

These are descriptive terms that relate to your video and/or your channel as a whole.

So it’s up to you to find tags that will help people find your content… Homes for sale in [YOUR MARKET], [YOUR MARKET] real estate, etc.

Make sure to add tags in terms of relevancy to the content from highest relevancy to lowest.


Social Media Optimization Tactic No. 17: Image or Video Quality

Social media platforms have optical-recognition AI that can analyze your content to gauge the everything from image quality to the overall tone of the language you use.

So what’s the takeaway? Always strive for high-quality images… don’t post blurry pics or overly grainy videos.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a professional videographer to post on social media, but it does mean you should be discerning about what you post, because it will impact your post’s performance if there are audio or video issues.


Social Media Optimization Tactic No. 18: Pay to Play

How many followers do you have on social media?

Don’t fool yourself, though…

Did you know that studies have estimated that only 10% of your followers will actually see your post?

So it’s very difficult to make a big impact purely from organic social.

Expanding your reach is all about paying to play.

Put money behind some of your posts – and ads! – to two audiences: Your “warm” audience of people you know, and a “cold” audience of people you don’t know but are in your desired geographic area or meet demographics you want to reach.


Social Media Optimization Tactic No. 19: Post to Story

You know that little icon in Instagram that looks like a paper airplane? Are you using it?

That’s the “share” button, and it gives you the opportunity to share your own post to your Story.

Do this!

It’s a chance to get more eyeballs on your posts and increase engagement, which enhances the possibility of getting your post spread far and wide.


Social Media Optimization Tactic No. 20: Video Animation

Do you remember the mantra Jason shared a while back on the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience? It went like this: “Anything that can be video will be video.”

Case in point: When you run ads on Facebook, there’s a tool called Video Animation inside the Ads Manager.

It will take a static image and turn it into a lightweight motion video.

This feature allows you to take a boring, static image and turn it into something more dynamic and engaging.

Try it!


So that’s it! We’ve covered 20 ways to optimize your social media posts. You don’t have to do all 20, but I certainly hope you’ll strive to integrate many of these tips into your social media posting routines. Because like Jason said, if you’re posting on social media but it doesn’t have any impact, are you really posting at all?

Huge thanks to Jason for stepping in and killing it with these two episodes! Let us know which tips you’re going to use immediately in the comments below!



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