Engagement is the name of the game in today’s social media world, and if you’re not optimizing your posts, there’s a good chance you’re not creating much engagement.

So that’s what we’re helping you do in this two-part series on the #TomFerryShow.

If you missed last week’s show, make sure to go back and watch it to catch Jason’s first 10 tips.

And then devour another 10 in Part 2 today!

Let’s get started!

Social Media Optimization Tactic No. 11: Titles & Headlines

YouTube is always trying to keep people watching by delivering videos to people based on what they think the viewer will like.

How do they make that determination? Largely from the video title, which they turn into keywords to fulfill search results and recommendations.

YouTube reads from left to right in terms of priority, so be sure to put the topic of your content right up front in your title.

Pro tip: Try to keep your title 50 characters or fewer!


Social Media Optimization Tactic No. 12: Timing Your Post

One of the most-asked questions about posting on social media is WHEN to post in order to reach the most people.

Well, it actually depends on which platform you’re talking about.

For Facebook and Instagram, keep this in mind: Any post basically has a 24-hour shelf life, and then people are going to move on.

These platforms are looking for a “gasoline on fire” type post that immediately garner comments, likes, shares, etc.

If you have an Instagram business profile or creator profile, look in your “Insights” inside the menu to view your audience’s behavior.

Make sure to use this information strategically! For instance, save your best content for when your audience is the most dialed in. Otherwise you’re wasting that opportunity!

Facebook’s Analytics and Insights will deliver similar data, telling you when people are most active.

Now… If this all sounds like too much work to remember when to post at optimal times for each platform, you might want to look into a scheduling software like Hootsuite, Later, Planoly, Sprout Social, etc.