It’s almost that time of year to start making your holiday wish list.

Well, today’s #TomFerryShow is tackling a “wish list” of a different sort…

I’ve got seven additions you should seriously consider for your business – ESPECIALLY if your goal is to grow your business this year and out-perform last year’s numbers.

Here’s the good news: This isn’t an “all-or-none” proposition. You can choose to add as many of these ideas and strategies to your business as you see fit.

Let’s jump in…


Growth “Addition” No. 1: More Lead Sources

Here’s what we know: Agents who rely on one to three lead sources do not fare as well as those who have four to six (or more!) pillars of lead gen.

Agents who view lead gen as a reactive exercise don’t perform the way those who use it as a proactive strategy to keep their pipeline full.

So the question becomes…

Are you casting a wide enough net to achieve everything you want to achieve?

If you want to grow your business, add more lead sources.


Growth “Addition” No. 2: Better Conversion Processes

Tell the truth… Do you give every single lead your absolute best effort to convert them into a sale?

No, you likely don’t have time to follow up at that level.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t improve what you’re doing.

What if you hired a personal lead concierge, whose sole responsibility is making sure every lead gets exceptional follow-up?

Or what if you outsourced your follow-up to one of the many available solutions out there?

What if you implemented a lead-nurture program that engaged people with valuable information they need and want, and in turn, demonstrated your value?

Here’s the takeaway: Chances are your lead follow-up could use some work. Dig in and determine how you can make it more effective, so you can help more buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals with your special brand of service.



Growth “Addition” No. 3: Hire an Assistant

Have your goals outgrown your current abilities? It might be time to hire an assistant.

You can start someone on a low base rate and incentivize them with a healthy bonus for each closed transaction.

This will free you up to focus on important, dollar-productive activities such as booking appointments, going on appointments and negotiating contracts.