I really hope you’re in your office – or wherever you typically work ­– as you’re reading this.

(If you’re not, close your eyes and imagine it.)

Because I want you to look around and ask yourself an important question:

Is your environment contributing to your success? Or is it serving as an obstacle you must overcome?

If you don’t think your surroundings have an impact on your success, you’re kidding yourself.

That’s why I’m sharing with you five ways to control your environment and set yourself up for massive success.

Ready? Let’s go!

Tip No. 1: Visual Scoreboards

You’ve probably heard me talk about the importance of having your goals and performance tracking “up and visual.”

The more you make these reminders constant and unavoidable, the greater success you’ll achieve.

At minimum, I recommend you have scoreboards for:

  • Appointment setting sessions/Hours of Power
  • Listings, tracking 3 categories: Active/Coming Soon/Pending
  • Your overall annual transaction goal
  • Do/Doing/Done board
  • Your monthly marketing plan

How many of those do you have “up and visual” in your current workspace? What’s your plan to get to all five? Make it happen in 2020!


Tip No. 2: Get Yourself A Living Plant

What are some of the ingredients to success in business?




Guess what else requires those skills? Keeping a plant alive and thriving!

This one may seem off the wall, but I think it’s a powerful metaphor for your business…

Having a living plant in your office space not only gives off good energy, but it’s symbolic of your need to consistently do the things to keep your business thriving.

PRO TIP: Take it to the next level of intentionally naming your plant an aspect of your business that requires constant attention and nurturing… something like “Client Service.”