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If you’re fine with slowing down and coasting across the finish line of 2019, go ahead and close your browser and come back next week.

But if you’re serious about finishing 2019 strong and setting yourself up for a phenomenal start to 2020, keep reading… and then jump into massive action!

Still here?

Good. Let’s get to it…

Today I’m giving you some very simple advice about where to focus your efforts in Q4.

Nothing will move the needle more than concentrating all your efforts around one thing…


…Which actually means two areas of focus: Booking appointments and going on appointments.


Why Are Appointments So Important?

Quite simply, appointments are the leading indicator of a healthy sales business.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not aware of too many deals that get done without some sort of an appointment being part of the process.

You need appointments to do business.

And whatever you focus on expands.


If you focus on making your calls, you get more calls.

If you focus on leads, you get leads.

But if you focus on booking appointments, you get more appointments… which lead directly to getting more deals done.


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Defining 6 Types of Appointments You Should Be Going On

Not every appointment needs to be a traditional listing appointment. Far from it. Here are six different types of appointments you should be conducting with prospects and past clients.

  1. Pre-Listing Appointment – This is a meeting with someone who knows they want to move 6-12 months down the road. It’s your chance to establish rapport, educate the owners, provide advice on how they can maximize their sales price when the time comes, and deliver insight into market conditions and the current value of their home. Don’t sleep on setting up these opportunities… If you dismiss it as being “too far out,” you’ll likely miss the chance when they are actually ready. Want more Pre-Listing Appointments? Try this Instagram Story sequence.
  2. Listing Appointment – Show up prepared to set yourself apart from the competition, share your pricing strategy, your marketing strategy and more. For a deeper dive on how to maximize every listing presentation, click here.
  3. Buyer Consultation – Notice the word “consultation” here. This appointment isn’t about rushing to show people homes as soon as possible. It’s about sitting down together and taking your time to determine their goals, their lifestyle, their needs, their desires, their dreams… Getting to know the real people so you can educate them about the realities of the current market and provide the ultimate level of service to them throughout the home search process. Taking this step will build rapport and create trust and loyalty that will pay big dividends in the long run.
  4. Showings – Showing properties to buyers is a great use of your time as long as they’re pre-qualified (with verified funds) or all cash and are serious about making a legitimate offer when they find the right home. Be sure to keep your radar up for those who aren’t serious, are hesitant to take action or who insist on low-balling every offer.
  5. Referral Partners – Who sends you the majority of your referrals? A lunch date or meeting for coffee with these individuals is always wise… to show your appreciation, strengthen your relationship and keep them up-to-date on current happenings.
  6. Coffee Meetings with Past Clients – Think of all the people you worked with between two and five years ago. These are people who have built some equity and are prime candidates for another move. Treating them to a cup of coffee at your local Starbucks can go a long way toward re-establishing yourself as their go-to agent… and you might just discover that they’re thinking about making a move, long before they actually signal their intent. Even if they have no desire to move, a quick meeting like this shows you really care about them and provides fantastic referral opportunities.

Now here’s an important question for you: With these six definitions clear in your head, how many appointments can you conduct each month?

To bring more intentionality and accountability to your Hours of Power, download and print this worksheet we created for you. Use a new sheet for each Hour of Power you conduct. Click on the image to access the full-resolution version.


How to Make It a Reality

Remember, if it’s not in your schedule, it doesn’t exist and it doesn’t get done.

So the key to seeing real results from putting an emphasis on appointments is building your day around booking appointments and going on appointments… and making sure those activities are in your calendar.

That means reserving 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. every Monday through Friday as appointment setting time. This is when you should be texting, calling and emailing your past clients and sphere, following up with people in your farm, and connecting with people in your database who you don’t personally know. Make sure to do at least five of those 10 scheduled sessions per week.

In addition, I’d suggest planning 3-5 early morning coffee meetings a week with referral partners, past clients, friends, and community influencers. This is an opportunity to stay top of mind and generate referrals from the people who know you and trust you.

Finally, don’t forget the strategy I spoke about at this year’s Success Summit, where you call a recent past client to invite them and a few of their friends or co-workers to lunch. This is a great way to meet new people, set yourself apart from the competition, and generate new business.


Now It’s Up to You

Are you going to finish the year by fizzling out, or are you going to put these tips into action and challenge yourself to book more appointments in Q4 than any other quarter this year?

Let me know what actions you’ll take as a result of today’s show in the comments below!




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