By Debbie Holloway, Head of Team+ Coaching
Deciding to build a team is easy. Deciding how to structure your team and onboarding agents is easy. The most difficult part of building and sustaining a profitable team boils down to one thing… culture.
Now here’s the catch – many of the components of building a team are system based, but culture is not.
Culture is basically the “vibe” of your office… that spirit that inspires agents and employees, bonding them together in pursuit of a common goal.
Let’s dive in to how to create a great team culture!

Why Agents Choose Where They Work

Five thousand agents were surveyed and asked this question: “What is the number one reason you chose the company or team that you work with?” The categories to select from were brand, coaching, commission, culture and leadership. The answers may surprise you:

  • #5, the least most important to these agents, was brand
  • #4 was commission (which is interesting since so many of us feel people make the decision based on their commission)
  • #3 was the leadership
  • #2 was coaching (which I believe is more important now than ever. If you’re going to build a team, you and the team should have a coach)
  • #1 was culture

So how do we create a great culture? It’s actually more about who you are, your vision, your goals, and your mission than it is what you do.

What’s Your Vision?

Do you have a vision statement? Do you have a mission statement? Are you clear on your core values?
If you’re anything like me, you’re thinking this is a bunch of bananas and you don’t need these things to build a great team.
Don’t make the same mistake I did and blow this part off because you don’t need to be rebuilding your team every time you screw it up. Ninety percent of the people who want to start building a team think the same thing you are likely thinking right now and screw it up.
Let’s do it right so you can have the business and life that you want.

Where Are You Headed & Why?

Successful leaders know their purpose and why they are leading – they have an unmovable vision of where they’re headed. A vision is bigger than the leader and it’s also clear, easy to articulate and inspiring.
A clear vision sets the tone for your team as it carries a sense of urgency and accountability. A vision aligns with your goals and efforts, so your team knows implicitly what’s expected of them. A vision is also communicated consistently and daily – it is a fixed principle that unifies and only changes with great care.
When interviewing candidates for your team, check to see if their values match the team’s values. When values of new members are out of alignment, the team is going to be disrupted.
Values are a part of a person’s makeup and personality; they can’t be taught. When everyone on the team is on the same page and understands the common workplace values, then everyone will be much more likely to move toward their common purpose without complaint or frustration.