Editor’s note: I put TEAM SPOTLIGHT on temporary hiatus while more pressing matters took center stage due to the pandemic. Today, this recurring blog from Debbie Holloway returns with an important topic… setting appropriate expectations for your agents and employees. -Tom

By Debbie Holloway, Head of Team+ Coaching
Have you decided what type of team that you want?
Is it a small, medium or large size team? Maybe you just want something micro or smaller of just one or two people and an administrative person.
Or maybe you’re thinking GO BIG OR GO HOME… let’s build an industrialized team with 40 or 50 sales agents, an administrative division, and ancillary businesses that not only support the real estate division but are also a profitable part of the business.
Hopefully you’ve determined the personality styles of who you want on your team and you’re in recruiting mode or in the process of talent acquisition.
As you can see, there’s quite a bit that goes into acquiring great talent for your team.
Not only do you need to know the personality type for the position you’re hiring to, you also need to know what your expectations are and how you will pay them.
So let’s talk expectations!