Team Requirement No. 1: You’re on Target or Ahead of Your Production Goal

Bringing additional team members aboard is not only a big responsibility… It’s taking on a serious expense.
If your income cannot support additional team members, you’re only setting yourself up for failure.
Get your own house in order and then consider taking that next step.

Team Requirement No. 2: You Have At Least 5 Successful Pillars of Lead Generation

You’re tracking and measuring all your results, right? (If not, you’re not quite ready for a team, but that’s not the point I’m making here.)
When you look at your various lead sources, are you producing multiple sales on a monthly basis from AT LEAST five different pillars?
The key here is to ensure your business is diversified sufficiently to support additional sales agents on your team.
If only one or two lead sources are really converting, chances are you cannot yet sustain the expense of building a team.