Day 4 Biggest Takeaway

If you’ve been reading these Summit Insider blogs, you’ve probably picked up on the theme of this year’s Summit – “All In.”

So it’s only fitting that Tom Bilyeu dove deep into what it really means to go “All In” in both your life and your business.

I’ve seen him speak many times and he wows every time, but I dare say he took it to another level to help us close out the Summit!

He laid out in very convincing fashion that anything is possible (as long as it doesn’t break the law of physics), all thanks to an amazing ability that humans possess: You can learn anything!

The only way to actually get better is to acquire more skills. When you put your energy into gaining skills, you can do things others cannot do.

Here are some of the nuggets that stood out to me from his talk…

• “Nothing in your life will ever change until you take extreme ownership.”

• “It’s not the strongest or smartest of a species that survives, it’s those who adapt.”

• Don’t hold yourself accountable to the end result. Hold yourself accountable to giving a sincere pursuit. Did you show up and give your all? If you did and lost, there’s no shame in that.

• Success is feeling good about yourself when you’re by yourself.

• Find a method to be obsessive to not allow yourself to lead with a “no.” Find the path to “yes” in every situation before you decide whether or not to do it.

• For instance, you’re faced with disruptors trying to steal business away from you every day. Are you going to be stopped by the “This can’t be done” mentality or are you the type to say, “Hey this is different… But somewhere in here is a ‘yes.’” You have to become the energy source that brings the chaos of disruption into order.

• “Whatever crazy dream you have in your head, now is the time.”

Seriously… Tom Bilyeu was absolutely on fire today, and shared so much more wisdom than the magic I mentioned above. I’d recommend everyone experience it firsthand through LiveCast, where you’ll get ALL 30+ breakout sessions, Chris Voss, my 37 referral drivers and everything that happened this week.