Day 3 Biggest Takeaway

Is there anything sadder than someone squandering their potential? Standing on the sidelines and watching opportunities, growth and happiness pass them by?
That’s why I devoted the last hour of the day to an empowering – and highly emotional — exercise designed to eliminate limiting beliefs
…Beliefs that have shaped you and altered your view of the world.
What is a belief? It’s accepting any statement as truth.
There are two types of beliefs: Those that empower us and those that disempower us. Which one is taking control of you and your life?
Here’s the thing… Your beliefs impact every area of your life, both big and small. How you feel about yourself, the choices you make, the actions you take… or don’t take… and how you pass those beliefs to others.
I’ve heard my share of limiting beliefs already this week:
“I have an accent and that’s why I don’t make my calls.”
“I don’t like how I look on camera so I don’t do videos.”
“No one in my family has ever had money. It’s harder for me.”
“My parents didn’t give me a pony when I was four.”
Don’t forget: These beliefs don’t have to define you, your present and your future. You can choose a different belief.
So that’s what I did with the audience.
The exercise itself is pretty much a “you had to be there” experience, but I will give you some food for thought:
It starts with listing all your limiting beliefs and asking yourself this question: What have those beliefs cost you over the last decade? Then letting that pain drive you in a new, more productive direction.
At the end of the exercise, I asked everyone to write a letter to themselves that included their new beliefs, and then they shared those with me. I spent a long time last night looking over people’s ultra-powerful words, new paths and commitments… amazing stuff and I thank each person who went “all in” with this exercise and gave their total commitment!
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