Day Two Biggest Takeaway

Keynote speaker Chris Voss didn’t disappoint. He delivered tons of valuable tips and insights while also keeping the crowd fully engaged and cracking everyone up with his closing anecdote about having a bad hair day on CNN… complete with frame-by-frame video evidence!
Here’s a sampling of his best nuggets:
• You’re up to 31% smarter when you’re in a positive state of mind. (Mindset matters, people!)
• “You’re in what business?” he asked the crowd. No, not real estate. You’re in the trust business. Never forget that.
• With more than 25 negotiations involved in every transaction and holding people’s hands throughout one of the most important times of their life, Chris believes real estate professionals are actually underpaid. “Every one of you should never accept anything less than full fee,” he said.
• The most dangerous negotiation is one you don’t know you’re in.
• When you first talk to a new prospect, you have approximately seven seconds to establish trust and competence.
• The biggest stressor for a homeowner is the unknown. Therefore, never let your clients wonder when they’ll hear from you next. Instead, always schedule regular calls with your clients. That means being willing to say “I have nothing new to tell you” and calling anytime there is bad news. When need be, start the conversation by saying, “I have bad news.” When speaking with your clients, uncertainty and lack of context are your enemies!
• Your strategy doesn’t need to be perfect, but you do need a strategy.
• Chris said it’s time to get over your addiction to seeking the word “yes.” Instead, the response you should aim for with your prospects and clients is “That’s right.” When they say that’s right, they’re completely on board with what you’re saying, and you’re demonstrating that you understand their position.