As a real estate professional, you have unlimited upside. There’s truly no ceiling on how much you can grow and what you can achieve.

Which allows you to dream big. Virtually anything you want is within your grasp.

Here’s the critical question, though… Are your actions aligned with your dreams? Are you actually doing the things that will allow you to achieve your goals?

Or are you letting other agents – your competitors – steal your bright future away from you?

I’ve said it a million times:

If you’re not making your calls…

If you’re not reaching out to past clients…

If you’re not initiating conversations…

If you’re not following up with leads…

If you’re not doing the things that generate business…

…Don’t worry! Someone else will!


I Really Want You to Think About This

I’m writing this blog specifically for those tiny moments of decision…

You know the ones. When you’ve got a busy day, you’re looking at your seemingly unending “To Do” list, and the thought creeps into your brain that says, “If I skip my calls – just today – I can get the rest of this stuff done. And I’ll do an extra hour of calls tomorrow.”

Sound familiar?

Every time you do that – every time you let your discipline break down – I’d contend you’re giving away a little bit of your dream.

Look, I know you’re busy and I know it’s tough.

But the best find a way to make it happen, day in and day out. Like clockwork.

I hope you think back to this blog the next time you’re facing one of those decisions.