Video is one of the most powerful and effective tools you can use to stay in touch with your audience.
With video being more cost effective than it has ever been, there is no reason not to be using it!
I’m going to give you some great examples of how you can use videos to help grow your business.
So pay attention!
Why should you use video as opposed to another medium?
The answer is simple.
Video allows you to present your service in a viewpoint that differentiates yourself from the competition.
Using a visual representation of the success you’ve achieved is a lot more powerful than just a pretty image.
Products on infomercials wouldn’t sell without the video demonstration of their product.
So what makes you think you don’t need supporting evidence to sell yourself?
Get in the mindset of what you’re trying to achieve.
Whether your goal is to get more clients, more listings, or referrals.
Make sure you tailor your video towards that.