Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most profound.
Ever notice when you hear or read something that seems so simple, but it totally crystallizes a new way of thinking?
Here’s why I bring it up: Last week I was asked to speak to a couple teams in our Team+ coaching program who got together for some Q4 training. Their topic for the session was “The Gift of the Shift.”
Wow, I love it!
Why? Because it’s a perspective that only the best embrace. It’s what winners think. It’s what people who take responsibility for their lives and businesses believe.
That the market doesn’t make them…
Instead, their activities, strategies and disciplines MAKE the market!
Let me say that again…
The market doesn’t make you… YOUR activities, YOUR chosen strategies and YOUR disciplines make your market!
Make sense?

From Humble Beginnings…

By the way, were you aware that many of greatest business in the world today started in economic rough waters?
IBM, Microsoft, Disney, Facebook, Twitter, and many would throw Apple into the mix, even though it was founded in the mid ‘70s – its resurgence started in 2001 – in the middle of the dot-com bust.
Why did these companies thrive, regardless of market conditions?
I can name three reasons:

  1. They have great products
  2. They surprised and delighted their clients
  3. They solved problems for their customers

So how does that relate to all of us? How can we “ripoff and duplicate” the most successful businesses in the world?

What’s Your Product?

Let’s start breaking it down by looking at the first point: They have great products.
What’s your product? “Homes to sell,” so how many do you have? How consistently do you replenish your product? Do you add one a month, two, three, 20? Do you have enough product to sell? AND… Are your products compelling to the buying consumers?
We know whoever controls the inventory… controls their destiny! How many listings are you planning to take in 2019?
What strategies, activities and disciplines will you plan for and attack in 2019?