Being a coach means playing lots of different roles – teacher, mentor, motivator, accountability partner.

And sometimes, psychologist-slash truth-teller.

In other words, sometimes I’ve got to cut through the BS and call people on the stories they’re telling themselves.

So let’s walk through a common conversation I have with agents who ask me for advice because they’re underperforming…


Does This Sound Like You?

Me: Are you making your calls consistently?

Agent: No.

Me: Why aren’t you making your calls?

Agent: Because I’m too busy.

Me: But you’re doing other things… so why are you de-prioritizing making your calls? Do you have so many clients that you don’t need to attract new business?

Agent: No.

Me: Then why aren’t you making your calls?

Agent: Because I don’t like to do it.

Me: Why don’t you like to do it?

Agent: [They might not say this out loud, but it’s the real reason] Because it feels like I’m setting myself up for rejection, and that hurts.

Aha… the truth comes out!

Does this sound familiar at all? Can you relate?


Why Selfish Agents Are Their Own Worst Enemy

From my perspective as a coach, when I hear this, I see someone who is more interested in protecting their own ego than doing what’s necessary to succeed in this business.

And that’s why I consider failing to make your calls to be selfish behavior.

It’s their own selfish, fragile motivation that keeps them from picking up the phone and…

…having productive conversations with people they’ve never met

…developing stronger relationships with people in their database

…identifying potential clients early in the process

…sharing their expertise

…helping people make the best move of their lives

…and ultimately, earning more money and creating the life they desire!


Reframe the Conversation to Get Yourself in Action

If this resonates with you, here’s my advice…

Stop focusing on the fear of getting rejected. Something can go wrong in virtually every situation imaginable, so why focus on the negative?

Instead, ask yourself better questions… What do I love about making phone calls? What do I love about connecting with strangers? What do I love about reconnecting with past clients?

Then, think about all the people out there who need you… the homeowners who will end up listing with an inferior agent if you don’t reach out and connect. The neighbor who assumed you wouldn’t be interested in listing her home. The first-time buyer who needs your consultation to make sure they’re making the best possible decisions. The list goes on and on…


It’s NOT About You!

The next time you don’t feel like making your calls, remind yourself it’s not about you. It’s about the people out there who need your services with one of life’s largest transactions.

Remember the advice I shared a few weeks ago: Put a sign on your wall that says People deserve YOU! So make your calls!

Then block out 9-11 a.m. and 4-6 p.m. every Monday through Friday to ensure you’re never “too busy” to make your calls. And here’s the catch… you only need to actually do five of those 10 scheduled sessions!

Do the thing, have the power.