In May of 2015, Ryan Skrzypkowski had been in real estate three short months…
…and admittedly, didn’t really have a clue what he was doing.
Today, he’s on pace to achieve his goal of $50 million in sales in 2018 after two consecutive stellar years at $20 million.
So how did everything change so quickly for this Sarasota, FL agent?
Ryan’s journey to prosperity includes a life-changing epiphany, finding his inspiration, one monumental commitment… and so much to learn from.
Keep reading and we’ll tell you all about it…

Starting from Scratch

Ryan has always possessed an entrepreneurial streak. Prior to real estate, he ran a commercial cleaning company for five years. He grew the business to 75 employees, but profitability was a struggle.
He decided to put that pursuit behind him and turned his sights to real estate. As an agent, Ryan knew his success was solely in his hands, and he relished that opportunity.
He admits those weren’t easy times financially.
He often ate cereal for dinner and paid his way through real estate school based on earnings from a home-based eBay business he created rather ingeniously.
Finally, in February 2015, he was a licensed real estate professional.
But you know the feeling… earning that license doesn’t teach you the first thing about succeeding in the business of real estate.
Ryan still felt lost.
Then in May of 2015, everything changed.

A Fateful Invitation

When Ryan accepted an invitation to attend a Tom Ferry BluePrint event in Orlando, he never dreamt he’d end up sitting next to his broker with tears streaming down his face as a result of the experience.
“I finally felt like I was with my people,” Ryan recalls. “It was just the weirdest thing. I’d been craving something like that.”
What specifically brought Ryan to tears was a 10-year visualization exercise Tom conducted with the attendees. But the entire event inspired Ryan on a whole new level he’d never felt before.
“The whole thing was just completely mind-blowing,” he says. “Tom’s breakdown of each individual lead source, the marketing pieces recommended, the campaigns and methods of generating leads – it opened my mind and showed me how to succeed in this business.”

Introducing the All-New Ryan

To say Ryan came out of that experience motivated to excel would be an understatement.
“I went absolutely crazy,” he says. “I was literally in the office at 6:00 a.m. and showing property until 8:00 at night. I was having more fun than anything I’d done for years and years.”
In those first three months of his career prior to BluePrint, Ryan hadn’t closed any deals. Using the strategies he learned over three days in Orlando, he closed five deals throughout the remainder of 2015. One in particular was an expired $2 million listing that had been on the market more than five years.
Ryan knew exactly how he was going to re-invest that commission in his business.
When he attended BluePrint, he desperately wanted to start coaching.
But… “Money for coaching was just completely out of the question for me at that time,” he says.
So as soon as that $2 million property closed on December 23, 2015, Ryan picked up the phone and joined Elite+ coaching with Tom Ferry. He started coaching officially on January 1, 2016.