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Five basic rules if you want to have exponential growth on appointments:

#1: Have only ONE outcome for everything you do. [0:55]

Sell one, sell hard. If you’re sending out an email, ask yourself what is the outcome of the email? What action do I want them to take? [1:45]
Do one thing, make one request and allow them to complete that request. My friend Ken Kerry said it’s very simple, they all go to the website now. So you’re website better convert huh? [5:43]

#2: You have to track everything (Ex. click to open rates on emails). {6:02}

Everything in marketing is math. [8:03]

#3: You need to move from start-up to growth immediately. The mistake is one person trying to do it all. {9:53}

Start up is one person doing everything. Growth is a dedicated leader empowered to go grow the business.

#4: The game now is an ABT culture – Always Be Testing. Test different variations of the same email and see what works. {13:17}

#5: The sales team has to match the marketing team. {15:55}