Brenda Griffin found herself a single mother of three…
…brand-new in real estate…
…and in a brand-new locale – where she knew no one!
She wasn’t looking for pity.
She was looking for solutions.
Fortunately, Brenda had two things working in her favor:
A highly supportive manager who motivated her and drove her to constantly improve herself.
And a role model… In her office was a highly successful team who Brenda looked up to. From her perspective, they were setting the standard and always implementing innovative ideas to grow their business.
“I wanted that, but I didn’t know how to go about getting that,” Brenda says.

Something Had to Change…

Brenda did know one key to success about that team she admired. She knew they worked with a coach.
Inspired by their example, Brenda signed up for a coaching consultation with a Tom Ferry advisor, who took stock of her situation and showed her how coaching would provide the knowledge, guidance and tools she sought to make an immediate impact in her Dayton, Ohio market.
She didn’t hesitate. Brenda knew deep down this was exactly what she needed. She viewed coaching as an investment in herself and her business. She signed up for coaching.
“Getting into this new business, I needed someone to teach me what I didn’t know so there’s less stumbling and getting back up again,” she says.

“I Literally Knew Nobody!”

In Brenda’s market, the average sales price is in the low- to mid- $100,000s. So as a single mother of three, she knew she had to excel and sell quite a few properties to support her family.
That was Brenda’s mindset entering her first session with her Tom Ferry coach. Also at play was the fact she was brand new to Ohio, so she had no sphere to reach out to.
“I literally knew nobody!” she says.
After careful assessment, Brenda and her coach came to the conclusion to focus on Open Houses as her primary source of lead generation. It made sense because she’d done a few already, enjoyed them and wanted to improve her skills.
She began studying her Open House scripts from Sales Edge and role playing as much as possible.
Now it was time to take it up a notch.

Doing the Work

Like many success stories, Brenda didn’t find any “magic pill” that suddenly vaulted her to new heights.
Instead, with the support of her office manager and encouragement, advice and accountability of her coach, she started doing the work. And she kept doing the work consistently.
For every Open House she held, she’d door knock the surrounding neighborhood and boost marketing posts locally on Facebook. Even when the weather turned ugly, she soldiered on and didn’t let it derail her door knocking efforts.
Soon, when homeowners opened their doors, Brenda started hearing things like, “Oh, people in the neighborhood are talking about you all the time!”
She was making a strong impression on her market!
It wasn’t just pre-Open House work she was putting in, though. Brenda developed a tenacious plan to keep in touch with people who’d toured her Open Houses.
She made those follow-up calls…
…And the results started pouring in!