You ever notice your computer or phone acting a little sluggish?

What do you do?

A quick reboot usually does the trick, getting it right back to top performance.

After almost a year and a half of pandemic-caused disruption, I think lots of real estate agents need a reboot right around now.

There’s a “new normal” in today’s real estate industry, and I want to help you adjust to it and capitalize on it.

That’s why I’m headed out on a summer tour to seven U.S. cities.

I’m calling it Rebooting Real Estate Across America.

And every event is completely free.

Will you join me? Keep reading for the locations and details.


What’s Working Now

Because I’m constantly talking to agents to find out what challenges they’re facing – and more importantly, what’s working now to overcome those challenges – my place in our industry gives me an advantage.

And I want to share that information with you.

That’s what I’ll be revealing at every Rebooting Real Estate Across America event… the strategies top agents – including many of our own coaching members – are using to succeed in today’s market.

Here’s where they’ll happen:

  • DALLAS, TX – Tues, July 27
  • AUSTIN, TX – Wed, July 28
  • HOUSTON, TX – Thu, July 29
  • BALTIMORE, MD – Wed, Aug 11
  • ATLANTA, GA – Thu, Aug 12
  • PHOENIX, AZ – Wed, Aug 25
  • DENVER, CO – Thu, Aug 26


Lots of Challenges, Lots of Promise

We’re at an interesting time for real estate agents.

On one hand, more disruptors than ever are trying to change the game and steal away portions of your hard-earned commissions.

On the other hand, the market is thriving and shows no signs of slowing down in the near future. It’s likely that the next two years will be very similar to 2021.

What I see happening is the eventual elimination of the “recreational” agent. As it stands now, 90% of the commissions are earned by just 50% of licensed agents.

Here’s the point: Now is no time to “dabble” in real estate. Those seeking success today need to take it seriously or find something else to do.

All the more reason to join me at Rebooting Real Estate Across America!


Plus… I’ve Missed You!

Let’s be real… Zoom was a lifesaver during the pandemic and continues to be great in certain situations.

But it pales in comparison to being face to face with other human beings.

As someone who’s been speaking to audiences for most of my professional life, I can’t wait to get back to it… To interact with agents, hear your stories, and help you succeed as I head out “on tour.” (And come on… growing up, was there anything cooler than a band “tour” t-shirt with all the cities on the back? I’ll have to see if we’re doing t-shirts for this thing. 😉 )

Although these events are free, pre-registration is required.

Reserve your spot today!


Attention coaching members: In each of these seven cities, I have member-exclusive breakfasts planned for the morning of these dates. Keep an eye out for an invitation via email. Rebooting Real Estate Across America is a real estate training event intended for non-coaching members.