The No. 1 Reason Why I Plan

Here’s mine:
I want an amazing family life.
I have two sons for whom I want to provide incredible life experiences.
I want to expose them to different perspectives.
I want to create memories with my wife and children that far outlast my own existence.
I know that creating a plan will help me achieve those goals.
So that’s the No. 1 reason I plan. But it’s not the only reason.

Avoid the Walking Coma

I believe a majority of people are simply coasting through life in a walking coma.
They don’t really believe achieving their goals is possible.
But that leads to the next reason to plan.
When you plan intensely and break down your goals into manageable tasks, it alters your belief system.
It shifts your psychology.
It allows you to see the possibilities as being achievable.
Our human potential is insane, but one of the biggest obstacles to success is lack of belief. When you create a plan, it absolutely changes your beliefs and allows you to fulfill your potential.
What I want for you is to up your belief in yourself.