Here we are again! 25% through 2022…

Remember those goals you set a few months ago? How are they looking?

Regardless of how you’ve been doing so far, the fact that you’re even reading these words means that you’re on a better course than most. Because this isn’t the fun article. You’re here because you’re committed and ready to take a hard look in the mirror and not go easy on yourself. Q2 is the time to learn from our mistakes and really get into gear.

If you’ve been watching our new shows, you’ll see that there is one thing all those Rockstar agents have in common…

They have someone to hold them accountable.

That’s what Tom Ferry is all about, and that’s what we’re doing today. Let’s not waste any time…


Evaluate the numbers

Get out your 2022 Business Plan (if you never created one, it’s not too late to download it now) and read over those goals you set. Look at your number of:

  • Calls made
  • Conversations had (in and outside of your network)
  • Social media posts (how many videos?)
  • Emails and letters sent
  • Appointments booked
  • Sales volume
  • GCI

Then get out a red pen or something equivalent and write down what you actually did in Q1.

You have been keeping track, haven’t you?

If you haven’t, take the time to go back through your phone, your calendar, your CRM. Are you 1/4th of the way to reaching those goals?


What’s Working? What’s Not?

If you’re falling behind on any of these goals, trace it back to why. Maybe there’s a problem with your:

  • Marketing Plan – What is the open rate on your emails? Are your social media posts driving traffic to your website? Check your analytics.
  • Networking Plan – Have you been getting involved in the community?
  • Follow-Up Plan for Non-Responsive Leads – Are you making the calls? Sending out CMAs? Personalizing your content?
  • Nurturing Plan for Responsive Leads – What are you doing to build these relationships? Are you staying in touch on social media? Keeping them educated on market trends?
  • Conversion Rate – What percentage of leads are you converting into clients? If you’re falling short, why is this happening?

Once you find out where these shortages are coming from, go back to your Strengths and Weaknesses. Are you playing to your strengths? Are you working on strengthening your weaknesses or are you delegating/outsourcing those tasks?


Create a Daily Plan for Q2

When creating this plan, we have to keep in mind that…


This means picking up the phone and making your calls every day. If this is where your shortage is coming from, then all the fancy marketing tricks in the world won’t help you.

It’s simple, but not always easy. Isn’t that almost always how we describe the things that are worth doing?

Also, never underestimate the power of consistent reminders, inspiration, and education.

You should always be learning, and that’s why we released all these new shows… to specifically target the areas where we could all use improvement.

If you’re not seeing responses from your marketing, you should tune in on Mondays to This Week in Marketing.

Are you overwhelmed doing everything by yourself? Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting a team but aren’t sure how to get started. Team Builders is meant for you.

If you’re closing deals but not making the volume you’ve hoped for, Luxury Code is all about getting you into those higher price points.

And if you’re seeing a lack in lead conversion, Confidence and Conversion could be the game changer you need.

These shows are free, they’re short, and they’re meant to help you reach your goals in all these areas. Make this a part of your morning routine.

Note: If you want to call this “shameless self-promotion,” you can also call it “leading by example.”


Staying Focused in Q2

If you’ve shattered your 25% goals for 2022, this isn’t the time to lose focus. There’s still a long way to go, and I want to see you dominate this year.

If you’re struggling to keep up, use these metrics as a roadmap to dial in on exactly where you need to be looking. But also, don’t hesitate to reach out!

We’re here to give you the tools you need to thrive. Schedule a consultation, give us a call, or engage with our community on social.

Stay engaged, stay accountable, and let’s step into Q2 with confidence!