When you’re talking innovation, the “new way” is invariably better than the “old way.”
Technology makes our lives so much easier, thinking back on how we used to do things often sounds absurd.

  • Who remembers when the MLS was a big book agents looked through to find out what homes were for sale?
  • Or getting a pager and thinking you were on the cutting edge of technology?
  • In today’s connected environment, it’s amusing to think the clunky, inelegant fax machine was once revolutionary.

Tuesday afternoon at the Summit, I shared somemajor advancements in how agents conduct their business…
(If you missed the Summit 2018: Did you know that we recorded all the sessions including all the breakouts?
These innovations make things so much easier, more productive, so much more beautiful…
…that suddenly the things you were doing earlier this week feel like the “old way.”
The “new way” is a complete revolution for three important facets of your business.
I want to share them with you here. Let’s go!

Innovation #1: The Smartest Referral Network

The old way:
Someone you know is moving out of the area, but unless you happen to have built a relationship with an agent in that area, you have no way to give the referral and earn that passive income. Or if you choose to utilize a referral network, the network charges a hefty fee with no assurance of the quality of agent you’re connecting with.
The new way:
When you meet someone who needs an agent in another market, you immediately post it or conduct a search based on location in The Smartest Referral Network. Highly qualified agents will appear instantly to connect with… WITHOUT ever divulging any of your sensitive personal information. It’s all conducted within The HUB.
Selected agents will receive a phone notification to ensure “speed to lead” so you can vet them and connect your client with a high-quality referral as soon as possible.
And better yet, The Smartest Referral Network takes absolutely ZERO referral fee. It’s designed solely to help you connect, better serve your clients and make more money.
The Smartest Referral Network is just another way The HUB is Connecting You with Success.