I asked Kobe Bryant (yeah, that Kobe Bryant) in the gym recently “Why are you here at 5:00 a.m., five days a week, flying coast to coast, working harder than you did in your NBA days?”
He said two things:
“I’m going to be in better shape off the court than I was on the court,”
“If my only success was in the NBA, then I have failed.”
Just… wow.
Here’s a guy who’s achieved so much and if he wanted, could do nothing but sip margaritas on the beach for the rest of his life.
But instead he’s still pushing himself to improve every day.
It really got me thinking…
How many people do we know who have taken their foot off the gas once they reached a certain level of success?
They stopped doing the work that created their tremendous ascension.
They lost the fire in their belly for transferring skills and developing talent.
Their mission and values have become a plaque on the wall rather than their cultural way of being.
They’ve bought into the excuses of their team and allowed mediocrity to permeate throughout their business.
They’ve stopped R&D’ing with the passion that got them here.
They believe that having a little money in the bank creates financial security.
They’re spending more time on the golf course, traveling, playing and celebrating than they are working — which isn’t a bad thing UNLESS you’re guilty of the above.

Are You Getting Your Share?

Here’s why I bring this up:
I want you to have it all…
…and I know you can have it!
Right now, the real estate industry is rolling on streets paved with gold!
Do you and your team have your jackhammers out?
Are you REALLY cleaning up?
Are you doing it consistently?
If reading this stings a bit, that’s good.
Let me reiterate: I want you to have it all and I know you can…
…BUT ONLY IF you’re willing to do the work.