Thirty-two years of my life have been in the real estate industry.

And in that whole time, right now is absolutely the single greatest financial opportunity for real estate professionals that I’ve ever seen.

It’s an exciting time to be alive and in this industry!

But as a coach, I’m also concerned. Namely for two reasons:

  1. It can’t last forever
  2. I don’t see enough agents taking full advantage of it

Now back to the good news: The hot market is projected to last at least throughout 2022, giving you plenty of time to achieve four big-picture, life-changing objectives I envision for every dedicated real estate professional.

I shared these with our coaching members a few months ago, and today I want to do the same with you. Now is the time to make these things happen!


My Vision for You in ’22, Objective No. 1: #NDBSTPCF

We’ve talked about #NDBSTPCF in this blog previously. For those who don’t remember, it stands for:

  • No Debt – Pay off all debt other than real estate
  • Big Savings – Stop spending money on dumb stuff and start saving more
  • Taxes Paid – Like clockwork
  • Cash Flow – How many doors do you own?

This is what financial freedom looks like. And today’s market makes it very much a real possibility for you, your family, and even your legacy.

But you’ll never achieve #NDBSTPCF accidentally. It requires focus and discipline, and you need to make sure your 2022 business plan includes these goals:

  • Significantly increasing sales over 2021
  • Negotiating to increase your retained commission
  • Stop spending money on dumb stuff you don’t need
  • Start saving and investing more

Wouldn’t the life you’d live with #NDBSTPCF be worth that effort? Make it happen in 2022!


My Vision for You in ’22, Objective No. 2: Run Your Business on Systems

Can I give you some intel about the best agents in the business?

They don’t operate by memory, hoping to remember everything they need to do.

They don’t “wing it” and see what happens.

Their business doesn’t stop if they get sick or get called away unexpectedly.

You know why? Because they have systems in place that keep their businesses running smoothly with or without their direct involvement.

What about you… does your business come to a grinding halt when you take a day off?

If so, it’s time to start:

  • Tracking and measuring everything you do
  • Creating SOPs for all regular, recurring tasks
  • Using technology to solve problems and increase productivity
  • Delegating non-dollar-productive tasks that don’t need your involvement
  • Tying it all together so you can monitor what’s happening in your business no matter where you are

If this sounds impossible or you don’t know how to get started, let us know. We can help.


My Vision for You in ’22, Objective No. 3: Embody the ‘Agent of the Future’

I could make the argument that today’s most innovative agents are the most successful.

Why? Because they’re putting themselves ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing, servicing, building trust in their marketplaces and more.

I want you to embody the Agent of the Future.

To me, that means:

  • Building your brand to put yourself on the consideration set of more people – and getting more direct “Come list me” calls where your marketing makes you the dominant player in your market
  • Conducting trusted advisor consultations instead of sales presentations
  • Being a master negotiator – Did you catch my new podcast with Chris Voss yesterday?
  • Systematizing your entire business… which we already covered above

When you look at that list, doesn’t being the Agent of the Future seem more attractive than what you’re doing today? Make it happen!


My Vision for You in ’22, Objective No. 4: Operate at #Level10

Self-doubt. Imposter syndrome. Lack of confidence and motivation.

Do these things ever creep into your head during your workday? Or while you’re trying to fall asleep at night?

It happened to me very memorably back in 2009 when I was pitching my first book to publishers in New York. I had all these meetings set up, I got off the plane, and suddenly I started questioning my own validity and why I was there. Until my coach gave me some great advice

What she told me that day has stuck with me ever since. “It’s you against you,” she said. She reminded me to control what I could control… and in this situation, that meant me simply being my best self. “I want you to be a Level 10 in all areas of your life, with no excuses, and don’t care what anybody else thinks.”

I recognize that’s easier said than done, but here’s all you have to do:

Commit to being your best self when it comes to your:

  • Health and vitality
  • Relationships
  • Mental health and intellectual inputs
  • Spirituality
  • Contribution
  • Creating a life full of amazing memories

Can you do that? It’s worth it.


What Do You Need to Make These Possible?

I’ve given you four really big initiatives that will require you to set your sights high and execute your face off.

But here’s the thing… Now is the time! Remember how I started this blog – there’s never been more favorable earning potential in my 32 years in this industry. So if you’re not willing to lean in and go for it now, when will you be?

The final piece of this puzzle is one simple question: What accountability do you need in place to achieve these lofty ambitions? Whatever your answer, put it in place because the opportunity today is too great to squander it.

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