My Biggest Takeaways from Summit 2017

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What an awesome week!

I just wrapped up three-plus days with thousands of forward-thinking agents in Vegas for our annual Summit. Make sure to watch the wrap-up video above for a glimpse at what went down.

Just about every conceivable topic was covered at one point or another — from my “Daily $1,000,000 Checklist” (see below) to the step-by-step advice from top coaching members who shared their secrets to success.

I shared marketing strategies, tech tips for maximum efficiency, 3 steps to killer lead conversion, scripts for overcoming objections…all of these things and MANY MORE were discussed at the event. (Not to mention the MIND-BLOWING Navy Seal guest speaker we had on Friday morning.)

There was such an abundance of great information, I’m going to use this blog to share some of the most useful tips from the event.

5 Steps to Greatness

Let’s start with one of the most important practices you can integrate into your business. This is a great starting point because for most people, a lack of success isn’t due to a lack of information. (After all, there are 128 episodes of the Tom Ferry Show.) It’s due to the fact that most people struggle to execute.

  1. Have clearly stated, emotionally impactful goals that are up and visual.
  2. Know and act on your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  3. Visually scoreboard everything!
  4. Up your cadence of accountability. (Basically make your goals known, expect them to be met and connect everyone’s success to their achievement.)
  5. Celebrate your successes and the fact that you are on track daily.

If you know you need improvement when it comes to execution, it’s time to give coaching serious thought. By holding you accountable, your coach will undoubtedly improve your execution.

Your Daily $1 Million Checklist

This leads perfectly into sharing my “Daily $1,000,000 Checklist.” I encourage you to print this and follow it every single day.

  1. Wake up at _______ a.m. daily. (Set your own time, but make it at least one hour earlier than normal.)
  2. Complete your morning routine.
  3. Get to the office by _______ a.m. daily.
  4. Review the daily hot sheets. (Be informed. The market expert always wins.)
  5. 15 minutes of aggressive role playing/objection handling.
  6. “Hour of Power” + follow-up and book appointments.
  7. Track your numbers.
  8. Check in on your pendings and escrows/meet with assistant.
  9. TWO social media posts daily, MINIMUM!
  10. Go on a “new opportunity” appointment (NOT a showing).
  11. Conduct afternoon follow-up session.

I also know agents truly appreciated some of the more philosophical teachings:

  • “Provide massive value.”
  • “Keep doing whatever makes you uncomfortable.”
  • “If I don’t let go, I won’t grow.”
  • “Put everything up and make your goals visual.”
  • “Is your why bigger than your fear?”

I encourage you to print these out and USE THEM!

Earners are Learners

Seeking out education and putting yourself in a learning environment are absolutely crucial to every agent’s success. Are you getting what you need to stay ahead of the real estate curve? Are you demonstrating a true commitment to your career by attending a minimum of two educational events annually?

You may have missed this year’s Summit, but there are many other opportunities to join us at upcoming events. From By Design to Sales Edge to next year’s Summit, visit for more info.


Don’t Make Excuses. Set Yourself Up for Success.

Look, I know it can be difficult to schedule time away from your business. I can hear you now — you’re just too busy working in your business. But let me remind you that true success in real estate is always a result of working ON your business. Understanding that distinction between working in your business vs. on your business is a huge milestone in your ascension to greatness.

Keep this in mind…the real estate industry is moving faster than it has at any time before. If you’re not networking with other successful agents and putting yourself in a learning environment regularly — especially in today’s high-tech marketplace — you will quickly fall off the pace.

I’d also contend anyone who says they’re too busy to attend actually NEEDS training more than anyone. At every event we put on, you’ll learn essential systems that allow your business to run smoother, with or without your direct, day-to-day involvement.

So get out there! Find an event that’s aligned with your goals and make a commitment to yourself and your business to become and remain the best YOU that you can be!

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