“Time on market” for listings reached an all-time low of just 3 weeks in 2017, according to data from the National Association of REALTORS.
Certainly, this can be attributed to a robust real estate market, but I suspect another factor is at play, too…
We live in an age of efficiency. We want — and our clients expect — things done quicker, easier, more beautifully.
When YOU become more efficient, all sorts of good things happen:

  • You need fewer leads to achieve your goals.
  • You earn more from the same amount of work.
  • You enjoy your work more.
  • You impress your clients more, which leads to faster business growth.

But all of this begs the question: Do you have the right mindset to continually improve your efficiency? Or are you stuck because “That’s just how we’ve always done it”?

Are You Open to New Ideas?

I’ve worked with real estate professionals for a long time, and one of the most telling traits of someone’s potential is their willingness to embrace change.
Improving your efficiency is a product of being willing to adapt, hone and master your systems. It requires a growth mindset.
Here are five questions to ask yourself to test your adaptability:

  • Are you constantly refining your approaches?
  • Are you working on ways to improve your systems?
  • Are the members of your team bringing you new ideas to test?
  • Are you leveraging technology to the fullest?
  • Are you becoming a tech-enabled service company?

I’ve seen too many agents sabotage themselves because they’re unwilling to adapt. They get stuck in their ways. They think it’s too much trouble to learn and implement a new system. But that mindset isn’t conducive to long-term survival, let alone prosperity.
The more you refine, practice, hone and improve your prospecting, lead generation emails, follow-up systems, servicing systems, past client systems… the more efficient you will become and the more productivity you will accomplish!