Venus shares her story and experience working with Tom Ferry – Your Coach:

“I began my real estate career in 2001. I was having a house built and got laid off of my Telecommunications Career…

My agent asked if I’d considered a career in real estate – the rest is history.

I was working hard year-after-year in the industry.

I was the ‘typical’ agent selling less than 10 homes a year, struggling and then was wrapped up in the JOB of doing BPO’s. We were busy in Real Estate but not the way we should be – doing 120 BPO’s a month.

I wasn’t living my life.

I was living to work.

I had seen Tom Ferry before. I’m almost a stalker of big name agents and I’d seen a big agent speak, then noticed HE was a member of Tom’s private member group … I approached him with multiple questions, then didn’t hesitate to sign up at that point.

I made the decision to ACT and joined coaching.

I knew I needed to be a business owner and grow. 

I knew coaching was what was missing and at that point committed in myself to take action.

I’ve been a member of the Tom Ferry coaching program for almost four years now.

Before joining coaching, I was the typical agent, no tracking.  I did the typical 4-5 a year. 

Since then, our numbers have grown tremendously.