Steven and Robin share their story and experience working with Tom Ferry – Your Coach:

“Our involvement in Real Estate began in 2009. Robin was approached about doing property management and she built that up which led to sales.

One year later, Steven joined her in the business, doing homes sales.

We were introduced to Tom Ferry by our company. ReMax was hosting Tom’s Sales Power training and we attended the Summit in summer of 2013.

The Sales Power training was solid, useful, and even a bit overwhelming to us.

However it was obvious we needed both accountability and someone to help us with the “drunk monkey” thoughts that lead to non-productive actions.

We knew continuing on the same path would be destructive but we didn’t know how to make effective changes without backing off or simply providing a lessor service … both of those options seemed counter to our DNA.

To be honest, the stress of the business was taking a toll on us both personally and professionally.

So having been exposed to the practical applications of Sales Power and the mental preparation aspects of TomX and Summit really gave us confidence we could be coached into a much better place.

On the final day of Summit we decided we needed someone that could understand the pressure and stress of being a husband/wife team in ReMax doing a strong volume.

We found Yvonne Arnold, a Tom Ferry Coach, that had experience and understanding and we committed that day to begin coaching with her. Meeting Coach Yvonne was the tipping point of realizing such a person really was available to us.

Before we began coaching, our numbers were steadily increasing. But it was through coaching that we were truly able to up-level our business.

In 2011 we closed 60 units at $144,000 GCI. In 2012 we closed 63 units at $225,000 GCI. And in 2013 we closed 66 units at $302,000 GCI.

2014 was our first full year in coaching. We closed 80 units at $412,000 GCI.