Maria and Chris share their story and experience working with Tom Ferry – Your Coach:

“Chris got involved in real estate one year out of college in 2004 after quitting a personal banker position making a little over $30K a year.

In this same year, Maria, his mother, sold her hair salon after 20 years of being a hairstylist and went full time into selling homes.

Chris saw his mom rocking and rolling selling houses and making great money doing it!

Chris was so inspired that he quit his personal banker position at 23 years old and we went full-time into real estate together. That was the birth of the Mother & Son Real Estate Team. 

We heard of Tom after attending various real estate conferences.

When we met Tom, we fed off his great energy.

The energy and the atmosphere we got from Tom was just what we needed.

We always watched his videos and decided we needed to attend Success Summit.

We did, and the rest is history.

Before we joined Tom Ferry coaching, we were averaging 25-30 transactions at around $350,000 GCI.

Now, with the help of coaching, our numbers have vastly increased…