Member Spotlight: Jorge Gonzalez and Angela Whiteway

Member Spotlight: Jorge Gonzalez and Angela Whiteway photo
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Jorge Gonzalez and Angela Whiteway, Seville Properties

Jorge and Angela are two rockstar agents serving the cities of Hawthorne, Lawndale, and Los Angeles in Southern California. Angela signed them both up for the Tom Ferry Coaching Program back in 2012, and with the help of coaching they’ve been able to surpass $10 million in annual sales volume!

Jorge and Angela share their experience with the Tom Ferry Coaching Program:

Jorge: Back in 1979 my job wouldn’t allow me to take a vacation so I quit. I went on vacation and when I got home, my best friend said real estate is the way to go. He told me I should do it, and I did!

Angela: I had a different path into real estate. I was in sales in 1981, escrow officer in 1984, private notes in 1991 and the back to real estate sales in 2005.

“We first heard about Tom when we attended an event near the Getty years ago.

Everything we heard was good, and Angela even won an iPod at the event!

Angela ended up signing us up for coaching back in 2012 when we were at Summit without me even knowing.

She knew I would over analyze it, even though it felt like Tom was talking directly to us at the event.

We really needed a breakthrough after being in business for so many years.

In the early days we weren’t really tracking our results very much, but we probably closed around 10 transactions per year.

Coaching truly made a difference in our business and you can see in the numbers below:

2013 we closed 22 transactions for $5,022,500 and GCI of $137,340

2014 we closed 19 transactions for $5,310,000 and GCI of $141,375

2015 we closed 26 transactions $9,544,500 and GCI of $260,330

2016 we closed 29 transactions for $10,595,000 and GCI of $282,365!!

There is no way we could have hit that $10M mark without coaching.

We feel like we now have a better vision of the future, an exit plan, and the ability to create wealth.

Something happens when you reach this level of success…

Work is now enjoyable every day, and just like Tom says, we block out time for the fun things up front.

Production always surges before you take time off so take more time off!”

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