Member Spotlight: Ady Simion

Member Spotlight: Ady Simion photo
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Ady Simion, Coldwell Banker

Ady Simion is a successful Realtor serving the Southern California communities of Pasadena, San Marino, and the surrounding areas. He joined coaching to take his business to the next level and has been able to QUADRUPLE his income and is ranked in the top 1% of Coldwell Banker associates!

Ady shares his story and experience with the Tom Ferry Coaching Program:

“I got involved in Real Estate before the recession doing loans. Then, after the crash, I knew I needed to make a change so I moved to rentals and eventually into sales.

I was introduced to Tom Ferry three years ago. My office received an invitation presentation to Summit. That changed everything for me.

Summit was such an amazing experience and I loved Tom’s enthusiasm and excitement.

I knew coaching would change my business and I was not disappointed.

When I first started in real estate I actually did quite well. I closed about 12 deals and made around $95,000 in GCI.

After I joined coaching, my numbers stayed the same for the first 12 months.

But then, the second year, things REALLY started to change.

I was able to quadruple my GCI from the previous year.

One of the biggest differences though was the price range on the properties I was working with…

I’m working with properties that have significantly higher prices than before.

I’ve been excelling and growing my business ever since then.

Coaching has made such a big impact on my business and my life.

Since I’ve been in the coaching program I’ve been ranked in the top 500 of all NRT Brand Realtors across the world.

This means I’m in the top 1% of all 47,000 associates from NRT!

Furthermore, I’ve gone from being in the top 12% of Coldwell Banker to now being in the top 1%.

I very proud of this achievement and I know I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for coaching.

If you were thinking about coaching I definitely recommend it!”

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