Last week we talked about the need to be willing to get punched in the face when prospecting. Of course not literally, but figuratively.
Assuming you accepted that challenge, this week I want to continue the conversation by helping you focus on developing the right mindset in order to successfully follow up on and convert those leads.
Working in sales, you’ll constantly face rejection with leads or transactions not moving forward. It simply comes with the territory.
It’s in these moments when you have to choose to overcome those bumps on the road or crumble from the repeated rejection.
Having the right focus creates the opportunity for you to convert more leads into scheduled appointments, which is where all the money is made!
Sometimes before you make a call, your head can be immersed in a negative place. This causes you to not close the deal or worse, stops you from even making the call.
On the other hand, a positive mindset will give you the inner strength to have the courage to ace that lead call and create an appointment.
Keep reading for my four ways to make the most of every prospecting session!

Create Your Positive Energy

The first rule for effective lead conversion is to make your calls in a peak state. In order to give your very best in your call, you need to be fully prepared both mentally and physically.
Your energy can make or break your Hour of Power.
Before you make that call, you’ll need to create your own positive energy in order to transmit your message across.
One simple and fast solution to make you feel positive before that call is to move your body to create this positive energy.
Stand up, raise your arms and don’t forget to smile!
Can you feel the change?
Your movements will attract positive energy to your body and change your whole demeanor for the better.
Remember, people buy from people with the same energy! The Law of Attraction is real. Your energy will transmit during your calls and become infectious to whoever is on the other end of the phone line.
Nobody wants to do business with someone who doesn’t sound motivated. Positive energy will brighten up your voice and turn your leads into clients.
When you feel good, you perform good, so why not start with a big smile on your face!

Affirmations for the Win!

Now that we covered how you can physically feel great and avoid that punch, we can begin with your mental state.
You have a choice to let your negative thoughts pull you down and stop you from giving your best. By not giving your best to your calls, you won’t book appointments and definitely won’t create money coming in.
The other, preferable option is being in the right mindset and having the daily discipline of doing your affirmations.
This will give you the inner strength to positively shift your focus. You’ll have faith in yourself and see the opportunity of making your lead calls and giving your best.
If you start your day by encouraging and emotionally supporting yourself, your mindset will kick into gear.
The dominant affirmation you can repeat to yourself is simple: “I’m a lean, mean, appointment setting machine!”
Affirmations help your motivation to further drive your positive energy during your Hour of Power.
Here’s the thing: Whether positive or negative, affirmations become self-prophecies. What you tell yourself becomes who you are. Instead of killing your opportunity before your call, plant seeds of positive affirmations into you daily routine.