Making May Your Breakthrough Month

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They say “April showers bring May flowers.”

So then… what does April resourcefulness bring to May?

Or April confidence? Or action?

We’re about to find out.

And I’m excited.

Because I saw those traits emerge in April, and I’m definitely not looking at this month like an ordinary May.

I’m looking at it as a new beginning.

And it all starts with your mindset.


Looking Back to Look Ahead

Think for a second about where we were six or eight weeks ago.

March was full of fear, anxiety, and for many, not knowing what to do as we faced unprecedented challenges. Those 31 days moved at a snail’s pace and felt like they lasted three years.

Then April arrived and people started seeing possibilities. They saw what they’re capable of – especially those participating in our Pivot program. They started being resourceful with virtual listing presentations and buyer consultations. They took appropriate, safe action by creating videos to keep their clients and followers informed – and their brand strong. And the month flew by.

Look at that progress we made in just one month’s time.

That’s why I’m so excited for this month, which is already seven days old.

I see you building momentum, and I strongly believe it’s time for your breakthrough.

Do you agree?


Today’s the Day

You may be familiar with the saying “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” Basically, every day is a new opportunity to make the changes necessary to get where you really want to be.

I’m looking at this month through that same filter.

Let’s make May the first month of the rest of our year… one that sets up the remaining seven months to finish 2020 with a bang and to overcome the unforeseen obstacles we’ve all had to deal with.

You have choices to make. What can you accomplish this month? What can you accomplish in the next 8 months? What actions must you take to get there? What help do you need to achieve your goals?

I’m not saying to rush out and act like everything’s normal – especially if it’s not safe to venture out where you’re located. And I’m not saying that things are magically going to be easy all of a sudden.

But it’s time to set your intentions and get into massive action – even if that means continuing to “load your cannon” day after day until it’s safe to get back outside.

Put simply, it’s time to step into your greatness.

Are you up for it?


Please… Let me know at least one goal for the month of May in the comments below! Then get started on making that goal a reality!


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