Odile Romans of Laguna Niguel, CA said:

“It’s just easy. You don’t have to drive. I can sit in my office and watch.”

“I prefer to watch it live so I feel like I’m part of it.”

“There are always a couple speakers who are so amazing.”

“I think it’s a great experience. The best part is that if it makes the difference between doing it and not doing it, I’m really glad it’s available.”

James Garcia of El Centro, CA had this to say:

“I like it because I can watch it after hours and stay on task during the daytime.”

“I’m always looking to see what new information Tom presents, marketing strategies predominantly. Tom always has good things to say.”

“There are so many nuggets in there. Sometimes it’s like drinking out of a fire hydrant.”

“I really like the fact that they’ve opened it up. It used to only be available for two weeks after the event. To be able to revisit it indefinitely afterward is great!”

Daniel McDougall of Renton, WA shared some great advice:

“It’s motivating. I can get in that summertime lull and it talks me back up, even though I’m not able to make it down there. It’s nice to be part of it. It’s good energy.”