Picture this:
Your boss, Walt Disney, sits just a few offices down the hall from your office.
Think you’d feel some pressure?
A constant need to be on your toes?
To seek innovation constantly?
To keep creativity flowing like the Mississippi River?
I can confirm that’s exactly how you’d feel, because one of my mentors was in that situation for many years. But he was definitely up to the task.
Mike Vance worked alongside Walt Disney during the early days of Walt Disney World.
Walt Disney called Mike, “The most creative man in North America.”
Mike later worked directly with Steve Jobs and built a distinguished speaking career of his own. He was even the guy who popularized the phrase “thinking outside the box.”
Although he passed away at the age of 84 in 2013, one of Mike’s most enduring beliefs is a direct reflection of that creative environment in which he thrived for so long.
And it’s as applicable today as it was many years ago when he first posed this question:
How are you keeping creativity alive in your business?

Staleness is the Enemy of Productivity

Mike believed that businesses need constant change and new challenges to succeed.
When work gets stale, productivity declines.
I feel this lesson is especially important for real estate professionals.
When you’re running your own business and isolated on your own little island, it’s really easy to get stuck in your ways.
That’s why I want to use this blog to challenge you to always seek new ways to keep creativity alive.

Defining Creativity

Look at agents like Tammy & Wes Pack who turned their passion for their market into a thriving YouTube series, “This is Fredericksburg, Texas.” Now that’s creative!
BUT… you don’t have to go to those lengths to keep creativity alive in your business. (If you want to, GREAT!)
Keeping creativity alive means continually learning, growing and striving to provide more to your clients.
It means being open to innovations that improve efficiency in your business. (Remember my advice to become a “tech-enabled service company.”)
It also means putting yourself in a learning environment regularly — attending events, seeking knowledge, reading everything you can.