Think about your competition for a second.
Who do you think of?
Is it that big company in town?
Is it that one agent who seems to get every listing?
Is it a manager who you believe is holding you back?
Or just maybe… is it none of the above?
With $86 billion available in U.S. commissions annually, if you believe the so-called “competition” is preventing you from greatness, it’s time to adjust how you view your business.
Success in life and business is all about realizing you’re only competing against yourself.
Your success is dictated by your mindset, your effort and your strategies.
It’s YOU against YOU!

Adopting an Abundance Mentality

There are two ways to look at the world — from an abundance mentality or a scarcity mentality.
A person operating from an abundance mentality believes that there’s enough to go around for everyone — money, deals, ideas, opportunities, you name it. When someone else has a great idea, it doesn’t prevent me from coming up with another great idea of my own.
One who operates from a scarcity mentality believes there’s a finite amount of opportunity in the world. A dollar earned by the guy in the office next to me is a dollar less I can earn.
Which mentality do you live by?

Choose Where to Focus

Training yourself to operate from an abundance mentality is a huge key to success in a business as competitive as real estate.
It’s often a matter of where you choose to focus. Let’s say you give a listing presentation, but ultimately the homeowner lists with another agent.
Disappointing? Definitely.
Sign of the apocalypse? Uh, no. Not by a longshot.
An agent with an abundance mentality recognizes, “Okay, I didn’t get that listing, but there are plenty more out there and more to come. Let’s go get ‘em.”
An agent with a scarcity mentality dwells on that defeat and allows it to drag him or her down, creating negative thoughts and diverting focus from where it needs to be.